Question for legal people

Long story short. a month ago this guy came up to my friend Jeff at a bar and asked him to do a menial task of opening his cigarettes for him. It was some kind of power move. and started talking shit about his job and him getting married…

Then a couple days ago, the same guy came in, and I was there. And he was like “sorry about what my brother said last time. Shake my hand” and Jeff didn’t want to accept the douchebags apology and just told him to leave. Then the guy left. And came back several times trying to get his hand shook. It was the douches way of feeling dominant, in his mind he’s like “I got this peon to do my bidding” and he was pissed that he was not doing his bidding. So he kept coming back 2 or 3 times. And Jeff said no. And then he comes by with 6 or 7 friends and is like “Shake my hand, these are my friends” and Jeff was like no. So I say to the guy “leave, he doesn’t want to shake your hand, we’re minding our own business and you keep coming by and harassing us, just leave!” And this guy behind me was like “The last 2 days have been really shitty for me, so I’m itching to kick someones ass” so I turn to him and say “You want to kick my ass because I’m trying to mind my own business and have a drink with my friend? we were just minding our own business!” and the guy was like “Why don’t you suck his cock?” and I was like “Go fuck yourself” and he was like “stand up, harry potter” (i was wearing round rim glasses at the time) and I was like “I’m not gonna stand up, just mind your own business and leave” then I turn back around and sip my beverage. I got a sidecar for the first time, it was delicious. And then the dude slaps my face. A grown man slapped my face. Can you believe that shit? anyway, he knocked the glasses off my face and onto the ground. I take a second to focus without my glasses and make sure i didnt spill my drink on me. Anyway, by the time I look up his friends pushed him into the bar.

My friend tries to make me leave, and I’m like “no, i’m not done with my drink” and I sit there for a few minutes until I’m done, then I go to pay out. I pass by the guy and he’s mad dogging me and he says “Act right! Act right!” so I say to him “You act right, you pussy faggot, slapping men” and he cant really do shit in the middle of the bar. So I’m lolling in my heart. I can see he’s so mad. He’s like trying to stare me down but I’m not even bothering to look at him. I pay out and then the security guys come over and told him to leave. and then they told me to leave cuz they gotta tell both parties to leave. And I’m like “fine, I just paid out anyway” and we went to a different bar afterwards.

Anyway, I feel like these douche bags are the type to try and take some kind of legal action against me. Even though I made no agressive act towards them. In fact I said and did things keeping legal action in mind. I politely told them to leave at first. Didn’t stand up. And only told them to fuck off after they told me to suck a cock. Anyway. I had a legal thing about 6 years ago. So I learned how to better behave in situations like this to make myself look better in the eyes of the law. And I think if any judge heard my story they’d think I was completely innocent in the matter. But. Because he was saying “act right” as if I had said or did something that was so offensive to him that I actually deserved getting hit. He’s trying to back track and make it look like I instigated his slapping me. And I know from Jeffs telling me his own story of his interactions with these people. That they basically told Jeff “You can’t do anything to me, my friend is a lawyer” so if they had free legal council. I think they might try to take some kind of legal action against me in the future. Or if there are more altercations in the future, because i’m not going to stop going to that bar. it’s the closet to my house. Anyway. Should I file some kind of police report? So there is a record of it? I don’t really care that I was slapped. I’ve been slapped before. I just don’t want this faggot to try and sue me if we get into a real fight and say I instigated it.

Hahah Charle got bitch-slapped. Finally put into his place.

I’m no lawyer, but I reckon that this guy’s full of shit. Even if he wasn’t blowing it out of his ass he’d still have to actually have a case and I can’t imagine someone with such a description pulling off any sort of believable act out of his ass.

Frankly unless the douche has some pathologically debilitating need to run his shit into the ground he wont pursue this into a court.