Question 'bout Treature of the Rudras...

In the in-progress shrine for this game, the data on the “TE” prefix is as follows:

Subtracts 6 MP from any mantra, but it also reduces its effectiveness

Could I get some more precise data on how much it reduces effectiveness? I’ve slapped TE onto pretty much all of my spells. Most of them have other prefixes/suffixes that I’m sure compensate nicely, but not all.

I don’t really know the answer…but here, here’s how you can beat every boss in this game except for like three, with no actual attack spells:


Just cast the first two and attack over and over again. Use Megami when your HP is low, and use Animus when someone dies. No crazy prefixes necesary! Just a lot of death. Now go forth.

I have all of those spells, but I’ve attached “TE” and, in some cases, “O” to them.

Like I said, I’ve stuck it on damn near everyting.