Question about Work

I promise I’ll stop creating threads after this one. I <i>promise</i> :open_mouth: But I have one more question left in me.

As some of you know, I’m not quite happy with my current job. Recently, I’ve wanted to put in for a position with Downeast Communications (company here in NS) that is a Retail Sales Rep. That’s like, me working in a cell phone kiosk.

Okay. Up until today, I’ve been getting my shit together to send in, but I’ve heard that those jobs are just as shitty as working in a store- meaning you have to meet expected quotas, etc. What should I expect of this position? If it’s going to be like working in a clothing store, no ho ho ho way. I use to think it was just you, there, as customer service. I thought that selling was part of the job but not something that kept you alive in the position.

Does anyone know of someone who has worked a job similar to this? I could easily just google this information, but I’d like honest, first hand experience, and anyone’s opinion of whether or not I should go for this, since I hate selling to begin with. What should I do? What should I expect?

Why don’t you just, you know, keep your shitty job and look for a job that plays on your character strengths in the meantime? I mean, maybe if that sales rep shit pays more, then go for that, yeah. But look for a job afterwards that you know you could be happy doing. Like, for me, I’m outrageously, ridiculously, and dare I even say unnecesarily extroverted, so of course I just LOOOOOVE to talk (see :P). SO, I go for jobs as like, clerks at interesting places like movie shops, or as servers/waiters in restaurants. Think about what character traits are your strong points, because you probably enjoy applying it to things, and could use it to find a menial job that keeps your interest.

Good luck, and pork someone relevant to your endeavor. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m all about the porking, I know --;;;;;; Jeeeezus godlord ughhhhh --;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Only cuz I reminded you about it. give credit when credit is due.

Working mall kiosk desks is like the lowest caste of all retail. Who wants to stand out in public and buy something when you can go into that big, shiny cell phone store with flashing lights and crazy gizmos twenty feet away anyway? You will be made fun of by even the greasy fat slobs of (insert whatever bizarre racial minority does the dirty work in your extremely strange area of North America) decent that work at McDonalds. People will spit on you as they walk by eating their Cinnabon’s and looking at their new Gap jeans. Dumbass kids will try to steal stuff all the time, and most likely you will never get to takea break because you will be working the kiosk by yourself for a 16 hour shift because Biff LoserMcLoser quit two days after he was hired to go work at that cool looking sunglass kiosk three stores down. Eventually you will become so disenchanted with society that yoiur only friends will be the neighboring kiosk junkies and you will soon begin continuing the ancient process of imbreeding the human race into extinction.

Never, ever work at the kiosk.

I just need to get away from the other place :stuck_out_tongue: But I am looking for a job while I still have a job.

And Zepplin, well, I may end up in an actual store if I’m lucky, and NOT a kiosk :frowning: :frowning: Pray for me!

There are definitely quotas, i remember when i got my phone, the guy told me so :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d say the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know.

Working in a kiosk can be good if you get the right one though. I know at the mall here I walk by people in kiosks that do nothing but sit there and play games on the computer until someone stops by. That is a lot better situation than clothes sales where you are usually forced to walk around and do something at all times.

Zep has such a beautiful way of saying things.

If you’re tired of your idiotic shit job, Eva, get another DIFFERENT job. Not in the same field. What you’re doing is the same thing as all those dumb bitches that go after the same kind of shit guys then wonder why their relationships are a superficial waste of time.

I’ve figured that out :stuck_out_tongue: But dude, those people get to sit DOWN. I mean, I’d kill to sit down on my shifts. And everyone loves cellphones right?! Easier job than going in dressing rooms and having to help old women strip.

Yeah, but remember the aforementioned shoplifting thing, which as I recall you don’t deal with well.

Oh…right. Dammit. Well…working in a cellphone store…I can call for REAL help! Right???

sigh. You guys are making me depressed that I applied. But it was either that or work at Convergys. Ah ha ha no.

Well to make you feel a bit better I do have two high school friends who have worked at a cell phone kiosk for 3 or so years and they don’t mind it. They complain about the pay, but not what they have to do.

Huzzah! It’s a roller coaster ride of whom to believe :stuck_out_tongue: But the obvious answer is that I’ll never have a true and proper answer- it differs from case to case. But I was just feeling nervous and wanted the rpgc shamans to pamper me and shower me with security twiddles thumbs Three cheers for Zepp!

And thanks!

Depends on how the cellphone kiosk pays, personally. I’ve heard of cellphone kiosks that paid a standard pay + commissions, which, considering there are NO stores in that particular mall, equals MUCH MUCH fun.