Question about Ragnarok Online

It any good? Curious about this. I’d like to try it if I could get someone to dl and burn it for me. I’m not dling a 500+ MB file on dial-up…
Hell, when I dl a Naruto ep, it takes me like, 10 hours or so. And on Kazaa, the “more the users, the faster the dl” doesn’t work for me. Which I assume is because of the fact that I accidentally updated it once…if not I’d like to know this as well.
Anyway, I’ve seen alot of RO in everyone’s sig. It good or what?

<img src=“”> Considering there are like 7 threads about it on the PC forum, the chat’s been dead since it went Open Beta again, many people ripped off my sig and the fact that people go through great lengths to download it, I’d say yes. It IS good.

But you won’t try to get it. Besides that the file is huge, if you are on a 56k, it’ll lag like hell. Lag is bad. Lag is very bad when you are in an area with agressive monsters. Get cable or better first.

By that time it’ll be December. Anyway, yeah I noticed it in your sig before anyone’s. Anyway, can I get someone to fill me in on some of the classes and what not? If I’m lucky, I might be able to get my friend to dl and burn it for me. And, yeah the lag in mass monsters would suck. Thats why I’m hoping someone might go with me to level up if/when I get it.

<img src=“”> No Cro, you don’t get the point. The lag will make the game absolutely UNPLAYABLE for you. The lag is bad enough to kill people on a T1 connection when there’s around 10k users, which is most of the time you’re awake. On a 56k connection, imagine moving one step every 10 seconds.

As for the classes,

Oh. The lag’s <i>that</i> bad. Damn. Oh, well. Thanks anyway.
EDIT: Btw, it hard to level up?

Yeah, I Don’t Recommed Playing On 56k. Even On Cable Modem I Get Some Nasty Lag. But When You Do Find Better Speed, It’s Will Be Worth It…

Alright, thanks. Now…
goes back to the school work he’s <i>supposed</i> to be doing…

bleh, in my opinion Crotanks RO is incredibly over-rated. The graphics are cute, and some of the music is surprisingly pleasant. Overall though, the game plays too much like a Diablo2 clone (although I guess all MMORPG’s suffer from that), and just really isn’t much fun. If all you want to do is wander around, smash monsters, gain stats, and deal with annoying fellow players, just play D2. It’s more stable and less laggy and will remain free.

I’m totally with Merlin there. If you wanna play an MMORPG, go for something like Everquest. Then again, FFXI and WoW are coming out (one day). Consider the fact that RO’s free. You get what you pay for.

<img src=“”> There’s an annoying thing about MMORPGs. They suck ass, you know it, you can’t think if a single innovative thing about them… but they’re just bloody addictive and it’s not possible to stop playing. I mean, look at PSO (tough not a MMORPG). The game has rather few stages, completely relies on hitting enemies, picking up drops, and repeating the process, has shit graphics and not the best music in the world (tough it has some good tracks), yet it is horribly popular and bloody addictive. I have no idea why.

Why would anyone go with Everquest over RO? It’s pretty much the same damn thing, with one notable difference:

$40-50 to buy
$12.95 monthly fee

$0 to buy
$0 monthly fee

It’s like saying “You can pay money to do this, or do it for free, it’s your choice!”

Well, we don’t know about how the monthly fee might change.

yeah, don’t bet on it being free for long Flint. And EQ has a much stronger infrastructure than RO does or likely ever will.

And I don’t think MMORPG’s are all that addictive. I stopped playing PSO after like 2 hours of smashing stuff and dying. The only ones I’m hopeful for are WoW and the Star Wars one and maybe the LotR one in development, otherwise, I say just play Half-Life or Starcraft or something :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s free right now. I’m talking about right now. Don’t make dumbass comments like “It won’t be free in the future.”


Even when the fee comes on, I doubt they’d charge as much as EQ anyway. Maybe half that price.

They did asked 10 bucks for each of the two previous closed betas.

Either way, RO is still free to get, then you add the monthly fee on when it comes. The only advantage EQ has is that it’s not run by corrupt racist idiots.

Originally posted by Flintedge
It’s free right now. I’m talking about right now. Don’t make dumbass comments like “It won’t be free in the future.”
that sounds like the drugged banter of a hopped up RO-fiend. We’re gonna have to make an intervention for you Flint, or is it “Mayple” now :stuck_out_tongue:

RO been designed for multi play.
The more, the merrier, in the party that is. (Or rather, 4-5 is the best. Too much is like not enough).
Cause its free, too much people are on the Servers. The lag is insurportable

I’m home now. Hmm. Merl, you mean Diablo 2 correct? Hmm. Nah. I’m much more familiar with “The World” from the .hack games. And since thats more than likely in the works, I might wait for it. If I can’t play RO on dial-up without getting my ass kicked, its not worth it. Can I get an estimate on the amount of players?