Question about our race

I was just wondering… Do we have any african-american (God, I dont wanna say black, and that’s the only other word I know O_x) people at RPGC? It seems like we have just about everything else, but I’ve never heard anything about someone being african… Maybe we could have a poll or something, like, an RPGC census, I just thought it would be interesting to know…

I don’t think I’ve ever thought about that. It’s a good question.

I would like to know too, since I haven’t thought about that either.

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There are a few.
And don’t say race, say ethnicity. Races don’t exist.

Originally posted by Nulani
There are a few.
And don’t say race, say ethnicity. Races don’t exist.

I’ve heard this argument so many damned times but… well- common usage. Thats all I gotta say. =p

Saying ethnicity makes you look smart.

Just say “black”, Jesus H. Christ.

Originally posted by Kero Hazel
Just say “black”, Jesus H. Christ.

Pigmentally charged. *Nod, nod.
Political correctness is fun, if retarded and silly.

I think I’m 1/6th Native American, but I’d have to check the lineage. I know I’ve got some in there, however the actual ration escapes me.

Other than that, I’m a white kid who listens to lots and lots of rap.

Also, uh… the only people who would be African American would be people LIVING IN AMERICA that were of African descent. That discounts a lot of black people; this is not a strictly American forum.

Actually pigmented could vary a lot, you’d have to specify a degree of melanin expression.

Firstly I’d like to say that I wonder why black people are called black, since they are chocolate-brown. Second, even though the word race is still there due to being so commonly used, I think it is a very racist word since there are no races in our species.

That said, I’m as bleach as anybody else in here, but I do have afro blood in my veins.

Dave Matthews and Charlize Theron are African-American… and they’re both white. nodnod Which is why I prefer to say “black,” it’s less confusing.