Question about Max Payne 2...

Has anyone here played it? If so, does it have those god damn dream sequences, with the god damn platform mazes that cause your brain to melt into nothingness?

Because if it does, then I’m going to sue to make sure that whatever god-forsaken guy thought that something like that would be “fun” and “challenging” is not allowed to work in the gaming industry ever again. There, I’ve vented my murderous rage.

Yup… they’re back… but I think the good boys at Remedy got the hint and made them (understatement) slightly more tolerable…

Well the dream sequences are back and they are wort of mazes, but they no longer have those tightrope walking parts in them. That and the special effects involved in the dream sequences are better and it’s generally cooler/creepier, so yeah it’s better than before.

I absolutely love Max Payne 2. It’s better than the first one in every single aspect.

look what I bought myself on a whim :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t yet own the game, but I loved the first one and I know I’ll love the second one. I got the poster because I love the tragic sound and look of it “The Fall of Max Payne (a film noir love story)”

edit: yeah, as they said the dream scenes are cleaned up so there are no jumping puzzles. From what I’ve gathered at least :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I bought the game and it’s cool and all that but it doesn’t work on my computer properly. I get this really weird glitch. Here’s what happens:

When I first install the game and try to play it, it restarts my computer and deletes all of my cookies, (okaayyy…). Now after my computer restarts all of the 2-D images, like the graphic novel and menu screens are stretched out very wide. When I try to play the game I’m not seeing a lot of the game screen that I’m supposed to and everything is all skewed and the special effects don’t work. So obviously I can’t play it on my computer, even though I spent $40 on it on ebay, probably my problem… But I pleyed it on my roommate’s computer and it worked fine on it except that he got a gross amount of slowdown on his computer, but he gets that with pretty much all of his games including Soul Reaver 2 which ran fine on his older and slower computer. So I’m kind of pissed about that. Right now I’m attempting to set up a sellers account on Ebay so I can sell it for about the same amount that I bought it and to sell some of my Gamecube games that I don’t plan on playing anymore.

(psst, if anyone is interested in some games the can talk to me about it too…)

That’s my story.

Max Payne 2 is great, no doubt about it =)
The dream sequences are not as annoying and serve as a purpose to continue the story… nothing really frustrating as in the first one. In fact they show you events that normally wouldn’t popup in the normal run of the story ^^

As for computer problems… Max Payne 2 runs on the Havok 2.0 engine which is also used in the Half-life 2 game. So if you want it to run properly, you guys need at least one of the more recent vid cards out there with a fairly decent processor to go with it. I have an AMD Athlon 2400+ with an ATI Radeon 9700 Pro and 512 megs of DDR Ram(333mhz) and it runs super fine on it =) A fast Hardrive can also help for the situation if you don’t plan on using the cd as a play medium but rather a nocd crack which lets you play directly from your HDD… and believe me when I say this, when game data is processed from a 7200 RPM with 8meg cache, it goes super fast.

Anyways, that’s all I really got to say on it… Just enjoy the ride cuz the game really does kick some ass ^^

I’ve been working on my Max Payne 1 level editing skills recently, does the second one come with a level/particle/actor editor?
Also, I use the word “skills” lightly ;p

Umm… I think you can download the editor off of various websites. I don’t think it comes on the game directly.

Here are the specs on my computer.
Compaq PC
1.7Ghz AMD Athalon processor
160 GB Hard Drive
I really don’t know what video card came with it since it’s the stock card… how do I check to see which model it is specifically?