Question about Feet

I’ve looked at my feet lately and they always seem to be just bulking out bigger-than-my-finger-veins.

What keeps feet from like, clogging? It seems like the blood is always in a really tight fit down there. Is it just blood pressure?

That funny-looking thing that beats in the left side of your chest.

Puberty is a glorious thing.

No, the size of your foot doesn’t correlate to the size of your penis.

Ya know, I’ve always wondered about those veins too. Seems kinda weeeeird.

I’m serious, if you cut off circulation in your arm it looks the exact same as your foot always does


The veins in you feet look weird because the skin on the top of your foot is about as thin as the skin on your eyelids. You’d look like that all over if it weren’t for thicker skin/muscles/fat covering them up.

Unless you’ve got Varicose veins (and I heartily doubt it), you shouldn’t worry about it.

Wow, alright thanks Trillian. Was just something I was wondering about