Question about defragging

I’m due to get a new hard drive, but that might not happen for awhile. My current one is pretty crowded.

That said, I was trying to run a defrag and my computer tells me it needs at least 15% free space to work. After deleting every non-essential thing I could think of, I currently have 13% free. What’s the worst that could happen if I run the defrag anyway?

That it won’t be nearly as effective as it’d be if you had enough free space.

Run it anyway. There’s no magical barrier at 15%; it’s just giving you an estimate on how much space you’d need to have it done effectively.

Get the trial version of Diskeeper09 and set it to run on the background automatic mode. It defrags neatly even with as less as 5% free space.

Well, I burned some stuff to a DVD and managed to free up enough space. But thanks for the answers.

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