Question about cable

Well we are moving into town and my mothers considering getting cable. We have Direct TV right now but she doesn’t want a bunch of holes in the roof when the dish is put on it. I just got one question. Does cable have all of the channels that Direct TV does?

If you pay enough, yes.

Digetal Cable.

Not usually. Most Cable providers just limit themselves to a block of chosen channels (they get the signals from Satellite, too, so they can usually choose from the whole spectrum but only offer a maximum of about a hundred channels. And the more you choose to get, to more you have to pay for.) Most don’t carry the really specialized channels like the Anime Channel. They carry things like the four major networks, HBO/Cinemax, and a few more channels.

If your family just wants the basics, Cable is OK. If you want a huge number of channels, or more variety, keep Satellite.

Does Direct TV have an anime channel?

If you pay enough, yes.

Digetal cable has Most channels from 1-999 for feletaively cheep, you get the anime channel. Also, you can get HBO, Cinamax, Starz, ect., but that is extra. Even if you don’t get those, there is still the anime channel, action, Euncore, ect.

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Different television methods:

  1. Air: Antenna accessed cable. I doubt you’ll want this. At most 13 channels, usually only 1 or 2 per area.
  2. Basic cable: You’re looking at maximum of 125 channels. Usually, a maximum of 70-80 or so. Of those, you will have a handful of foreign language channels, kids channels, and no dedicated porn channels.
  3. Digital Cable: You will be getting all your basic cable channels, as well as a good portion of the channels your cable company gets on their sattelite. However, they often sell channels in packages that cost extra per month and you pick and choose a few packages, similar to sattlite
  4. Sattelite: The ultimate. Depending on which company you go and where you live, you can get most of your local channels, as well as a large assortment of packages at your choice. Catch is, it costs more than all others to install, plus you have fees for all the boxes you rent for each TV, or the huge one time cost of buying them.

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I, on topic, don’t have any form of cable, satellite, etc. Just over the air TV.

A) It’s Digital cable.

B) I have comcast digital cable, and On Demand is by far the best thing I’ve ever seen. In addition to the relativly cheap movies you can buy, you can watch any movie that is on HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, Starz and the Turner Movie Channel for free. Also, any shows on these channels are free as well.

Okay thats all the information I needed. Thanks.