I don’t recall seeing Ultimecia in Silicon Graphics, EVER in the game, but somehow, this one site named noire sensus has a picture, showing Ultimecia within the last movie, but in SILICON GRAPHICS.

Am I blind or something, or is this thing just fake!?

Oh, and SkyKnight, the fourth chapter of “Retaliation:Endgame” is named “Black Sunday” but I didn’t take it from “Black September”, it’s the name of a Cypress Hill album and you can check it out.

Just in case, right Weiila? What happened to Private I?

Noire sensus? That’s a yaoi site isn’t it?

She appears twice for something like a tenth of a second.

I never actually realised that, I’ll have to see whether I can see her the next time I watch the end of FF8.

She blinks a bit in and out of vision during Squall’s hallucination or whatever it’s supposed to be. Her and Rinoa’s faces switches back and forth for a while which is said to be one of the strongest clues to that Ultimecia is in fact Rinoa.

As for Private I, it’s going into the update. I’ve been away this weekend, TD was handling it.

You remember when someone told us FF8 fanfics were easy to write? It’s because it has more plot holes and unexplained stuff and “clues” like that throughout the game.

And that’s why I’m in a block now, there IS no plot hole I can use anymore, I used all of them!

But, “Retaliation:Endgame” has been finished, and it’s coming… IT’S COMING HAHAHAHA!

and no, noire sensus isn’t a yaoi site, it’s a site I got across as I was looking for character art of Magna Carta: War Of Genesis or Magna Carta:The Phantom Of Avalanche, which both are in korean only and drive me mad.