Quest For Glory II - Trial by Fire Remake!?

There’s one up for grabs free at

Revamped graphics, sound and the text parser has been changed to the style of the first QfG remake. Heck, you can even use an imported character from QfG1 if you want O_o; Still downloading this one, definitely take a look if you’re a fan. If not, have a look still, this is how adventure games did their magic back in the 90’s.

On one hand, thanks for pointing this out.

On the other hand, let’s just hope I can put off playing this.

Would one be missing much if one hasn’t played the first QFG?

Wizards might miss who their “Sponsor” is for a certain subquest, Thieves might miss the fact they can do a thief sign which is a nice thing to do if you want to fence stolen goods.

In general, you miss the events how you actually ended up in Shapeir (On a flying carpet) and of course, most QfG1 finishing characters have considerably better stats than the starting stats in QfG2. I don’t remember exactly if you could miss a certain spell permanently if you didn’t import a character.

Eh… I never really enjoyed the QfG games, nowhere near as much as King’s Quest. The combat bored me to tears, for one thing.

The combat probably was one of the major reasons for me to pick up Wizard/Thief upon being able to PLAY the game with better English skills after a childhood of just Fightering through the game.

To quote myself: “Why doesn’t ‘trou stoun’ work?”

It’s out?

It’s finally out?

After years and years of waiting, it’s finally out?

HALLELUJAH! runs off to download before class

I read somewhere you can’t get a chainmail as a Thief if you don’t import. Let it be known to protectionists.

From what I was reading, if you’re don’t have magic in this game, you can’t get all the spells. But that’s okay, because giving magic to fighters is kinda silly, and thieves have too much cool stuff to do without bothering with magic :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, yes, after nearly 6 YEARS it’s FINALLY OUT! YAY!

As to what you’re missing if you don’t play the first game: lots of puns and misadventures :slight_smile:
But seriously, if you want to play this, you should go get the Quest For Glory Anthology somewhere. Then you can play all the games :slight_smile: