Query about selling an MMORPG character.

Okay, I’m totally new to the idea of selling any belongings of mine over the internet via a website. At www.playerauctions.com I noticed that several Final Fantasy XI characters are being sold. I’ve been thinking about selling my FFXI character but I’m not too sure how to go about it.

After someone buying it on auction, would I have to wait until I recieved payment, then request their credit card details (touchy i know), change my credit card details for billing for ff11 to those given to me and then send the buyer the password for the account? Although not risky on my part, I can’t see how anyone would want to risk giving out their credit card details in order to buy my character. Is there not an alternative to this? :too bad:

The one alternative is that those with the PC version can use the Windows XP Remote Assistance feature, and have the seller input the password remotely onto the other person’s computer, or have the buyer input their credit card number into the other person’s computer.

That would be a nice option, however if the buyer inputs his credit card number into my PC, surely this would be the same as the buyer telling me his number, since correct me if I’m wrong during Windows XP Remote Assistance you can view what the other person is doing on your pc, and subsequently I could if I wish view and record the buyer’s credit card number as he types it in (not that I would, but the buyer may have an issue with this subject).

Selling your characters is illegal, please don’t ask for help breaking the law.