Query about images - nudes/covering (no image posted)

Ok, I’ve got this image… NOT complete, but since there is a Adult Female character is only wearing (my) boxers/Shorts. (She is “one” of my charcters, so I may not ask for to placed in FanArt- She digs it too…) I do know that nudity can be an issue:

    • No porn and no gorey pics. These warrant an immediate ban. Ditto for posting links to porn or gorey or otherwise terribly offensive websites.

Since her breasts are semi covered, the nipples are covered.

Good thing you asked, since I’ve had a few narrow cases where it was good that I asked. Like the large version of my current sig.

Wait, “She digs it too?” Is this a photograph or a drawing?

It a drawing… So it’s rellivily easy to move the arm or weapon.


Personaly, I wouldn’t call a tasteful nude “porn”, so if it’s just that, there shouldn’t be a problem with posting it.

Of course, I’m not an admin. This is just my opinion. You’d have to check with one of them.

I wouldnt call it porn.

I personally got no problem with it, if it’s tasteful. And since I’m a Mod (technically… dammit, why am I still staff here?), I think that means it’s okay. if it isn’t, then I’ll take responsibility.

Aren’t you only modded for the RP forum, Val?

Go ahead and post it, if it’s too bad Ill just delete it

Is the question “can you submit it to fanart” or “can you post it here”? You should probably ask Walhalla if it’s for fanart.

What I understood is that he only wanted to post it here. As BN said, she’s an original character, so this picture wouldn’t be allowed into the Fanart section.

Actually, didn’t Trillian send two pictures of me to the fanart section? (Or am I thinking of something else?)

Yes, But I am not expecting it to be placed in FAN ART.

I’ll PM Walhalla it, to checks it ,when I’ve reach a certan mid-point…

EDIT: TD!! http://www.rpgclassics.com/fanart/RPGC/TDNekkid.jpg

You’re right, but that’s because you go under the RPGC Community section. :stuck_out_tongue: Technically, any member of the community who sends a picture of him/herself should be allowed to submit it to the Fanart section (and I think I’ve never refused such submissions, although it hasn’t happened in a while >.>).

…Demigod, I want you to go to the main page of the Media Forum, and scroll down. What do you see?

Because we love you Val.
Stay. :frowning: