Queen vs. Zepplin

I think I’ve watched Mighty Ducks too many times to still like Queen

Too hard to choose.

I like em both, but I have to go with Queen. The FFIX AMV gets Queen too many bonus points to beat (And I dont care that they didn’t really earn those bonus points, they get them anyways!)

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As for the best guitarist, I think that award goes to Eddie Van Halen. Carlos Santana, Kirk Hammet and Slash all come quite close, however I would certainly not dub Jimmy Page as the greatest guitarist of all time.

Well, I wouldn’t say Kirk Hammet, cause all he did at first was use Mustaines solos half of the time, and plus he was taught by Joe Satriani. Honestly, Jeff Beck, Joe Satriani, and Yngie Malmsteen are the leading “best” guitarists recently, actually they recently came here, they are in the G3 tour or somethin.

Queen was one of the first rock bands to have really, REALLY good vocal harmony. Because of this, I like them better.

However, they are both awesome.

have any of you people even heard the sonic glory that is dick dale playing guitar?

No. What are some songs by him?

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Yeesh, that’s like asking which of my limbs I like best! X_x

Left arm, all the way. It’s my strong arm and hand, and thus the one I am best at doing all sorts of cool stuff with.

Like brushing my hair. Yeah.

And Jimi Hendrix is the number one best guitarist of all time. He is number one, and not only is he number one, but he’s on a plane so much higher than everyone else, that there’s no room for anyone else in the top ten He is number one. The rest of the list starts at #11, he was that much better than the rest. END OF DISCUSSION/DEBATE.

Dick Dale, surf music legend, is most famous currently for the song that is known mostly as “The theme from Pulp Fiction” and yeah, I forget the real name of it too.

And no discussion of great modern guitarists is complete without Jerry Cantrell. Thank you and drive through.

Ooooh I know Dick Dale. Yeah, that guy is really good, but… Jimmy Page is better. :stuck_out_tongue:
And I agree with you about Jimi Hendrix being the best. He used the guitar as a way to channel his emotions… that’s pretty fuckin cool.

dick dale is on a fucking nissan commercial. also, talk of the “best guitarists in the world” etc, are stupid, because all that matters is the composing.


love em both.

and i think a lot of guitar players use it to express their emotions… for example… me and i’m certainly not the best in the world since there is no such thing as the best guitarplayer in the world