Queen vs. Zepplin

I saw this on another board.

Whos better? Led Zeppelin or Queen?

I vote Queen, since Freddy Mercury is god.

Queen. But only the brian maye (?) songs. Had a negative reaction to Led Zeppelin awhile back.

Zeppelin was more influential, I would think.

Why would you compare the two? They’re quite different. I’d say that both bands were quite talented, but I really can’t say which one is “better.”

I mean- Led Zeppelin was early metal, and Queen was glam rock… not something I’d compare, myself.

Yeah, they are too diffrent type of bands, but I have always like Queen more than Zeppelin. Don’t get me wrong thought, Zeppelin is still super sweet.

Queen is better.

Queen by a margin.

Originally posted by Urkani
Queen by a margin.

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In other words- by “a margin” tells me nothing.


Jimmy Page is a godly guitarist man, Brian May is pretty damn good, but compared to Page… man no one compares to Page, except for Jimi Hendrix, maybe Dave Gilmour… Man Zeppelin are gods, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones, John Bonam, and JIMMY PAGE!! Best band ever.

why compare them? theres no point.

anyways, dont be absurd, dick dale is the best guitarist ever.

no queen song compares to tangerine.


Neither is better. Both are fucking awesome, but neither is better.

As said above - it is not really fair to compare the bands as they have drastically different styles.

I personally enjoy Zeppelin better though

CC, I meant I like Led Zeppelin, but I prefer Queen just a little more.

I like Queen more, but nothing beats good Zepplin.

As for the best guitarist, I think that award goes to Eddie Van Halen. Carlos Santana, Kirk Hammet and Slash all come quite close, however I would certainly not dub Jimmy Page as the greatest guitarist of all time.

Zepp forever.

Yeesh, that’s like asking which of my limbs I like best! X_x

Last time I checked there was a polling forum…

Zeppelin likes it when you call him queen…

…wait, not that Zeppelin? My mistake.

And you know that because…?

It’s kind of a long story. It goes back to the time Zeppy, Zero and I all took a road trip down to Tijuana in Zeppy’s Ford Pinto. That was the time when Zeppy got his sex change, if I remember correctly.