Quake Live

I finally got an invite, so I have 10 to give out. Who wants one?

What’s this for?

Quake Live is basically Quake 3 Arena but for your internet browser. It’s free to play, supported by ads via billboards in-game, and currently in beta. You can look at the official website for a video but not much more than that.

Yeah, I have one as well. Who wants one?

Sent an invite to Gamer5389

My username is Rinn, no surprise there

What the hell, I’ll take one.

Need your email.

Right, duh, sorry. ggcrono4(at)gmail(dot)com.

Oh hey, this looks fun. Hope my comp can handle it.


uh, it should, considering I ran it on a pentium II like 7 years ago with no problems.

Well, yeah, but this might be a little bit different.

Taht said, it runs fine, feel free to look for Starstormcat.

Damn, you’re right! I thought it ran on p3. Turns out it was released a decade ago.

GGCrono here, and ready to “frag” some “nubs”.