QRBIBBLE (no, not Babel) (and some other stuff)

Just some random nonsense. Ain’t been around in a while.

So… who’s going where for college (if you’re going to a new one)? I’m heading out to New York to attend Siena College, hopefully double major in Spanish and French with a minor (if possible) in German. I also want to learn Italian and Irish Gaelic, but more of an interest than a serious study. I want to use the languages to either teach high school (or maybe even college-level) or to get a job as an interpreter.

And what was that Flash game where you were flung in the air and had to dodge all the chicks or whatever? It was some crazy Japanese game I can’t find anymore.

Ain’t a college student yet, but I’m going to a new, privite-ish High School next year. I think the flash game you’re thinking of is “Nanaca Crash.” http://www.tenton.org/misc/nanaca-crash_v106.swf

Thats very cool that you want to be an interpreter. What made you get the idea of trying to become one? What other launguages can you speak? I know how to speak French, also I just finnished my exam for my French class today. Also Im still in high school. This was my first year too! Also being a miner niner aint so bad^_^
Off to gr.10 now!!

Can you juggle five languages simultaneously? Hm, wow. Do you prefer interpreter to translator?

I’m goint to Keene State College, same as the past two years.

Oh, and it’s “qrrbrbirlbel.”

I’m in 3rd year, so I’m not even thinking about college yet.
It’s cool you want to be a interpreter, can you speak any other languages?
i can speak a bit of Spanish, French and Irish, and I want to learn Japanese and Chinese

Take a real language like dutch.

Oh, and 'sup Cala.

Dutch isn’t a real language.

If you’re voluntarily studying it because you think it’s cool I will fucking cut you. It’s one of the most useless, ugly languages you could possibly try and learn.

I’m not studying it. I’ve studied already. : )

That’s it. You’re banned.

And buttercupped.

Mostly buttercupped.

Wait, what? I think I missed it. : )

What do you have against the language anyways; you’re from Holland, isn’t it one of the more fluent languages spoken in Holland?

It is my native language. After hearing, speaking, reading and writing it for the better part of 2 decades, I can safely say that the language is fucking HORRIBLE. Stop studying it now, it’s not cool to know.

It’s not that I’m studying/studied it because it’s a cool language, but it helps open up German as well (a lot of words are similar in spelling in Dutch and German). Not only that, but when I’m able to, I’m going to go for a “eurotrip”, The Netherlands being a big part of it.

Everyone here speaks English, nobody wants to hear you mangle out Dutch. Fact.

Dutch doesn’t “open up” German, it’s just a bastardized form of it. Only some words are similiar, and the grammar is completely different. The more Dutch you know, the harder it is to actually learn German, not just spew out random German phrases. Fact.

Stay the fuck away from my house.

EDIT: Just to clarify. EVERYONE speaks English. We know the language is useless as well. And there really is nothing more irritating to people in the tourism/service industry than people trying to speak Dutch, and sucking at it, when the conversation could be wrapped up much quicker in English.

And besides, you’re only going to visit Dutchland for the weed, the hookers (who don’t have sex in KFC btw), and the dykes. That’s the only reason why ANYONE visits Dutchland.

Blast radius.

I wanted to say “blast radius” in Dutch, but it “could be wrapped up much quicker in English”.

Good job.

You missed.

It was either Voorburg, or Amsterdam, so I went for the former.

And it’s neither, so yeah.

Meh, I looked up that RPGC Google globe thing, and it said one of the two. :s