Qaeda Leader Beheads US Civilian in Iraq

Not surprising.

This man was a graduate of my current school.

Today we had to go to an assembly and listen to what happened to him and such. There were news vans all over the school. It was pretty crazy. Its the first time i have ever felt this bad about a casualty. Perhaps it is because it was so close to home.

I already found 5 torrents and several hubs with the file itself…

I don’t really care to see the video in whole, I’ve seen that sort of thing before and it’s not something easily shaken off. If you watch it, I promise you won’t be grateful you did.
Regardless of anyone’s stance on the war in Iraq, that is sadistic and inhuman. The people that did that are nothing more than animals.

Somethingawful has it in their forums. It’s tame compared to the stuff on rotten or faces of death.

Why someone would try to start a business in Iraq, amidst people willing to fly planes into buildings, is beyond me. Nobody should be surprised at the end result. What a stupid thing to do…he threw his life away for no reason, and ruined the lives of those who cared for him.

If you click on the picture in the upper-left corner, the new window has a link that says “Buy Pictures” at the bottom. Yeesh, what a way to make money, selling pictures of that.

I’m not surprised that it happened, just disgusted. But I have to agree with what you say, that guy really shouldn’t have been there. Especially since he was Jewish…

About the selling pictures of it…that’s just messed up.

Actually, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t Iraq that did the flying planes into buildings, but that’s me.

Yeah, that was al-Quada. And because Saddam Hussein supports al-Quada in some way that I don’t understand, we went to war with Iraq.

Oh yes, I’m sure he had no idea whatsoever that he was going to a country where his life might be in danger. I’m sure he was just after profit too… everyone knows you make way more money doing construction in Iraq than in places like the US where the true humanitarian contractors are.

Please take your foot out of your mouth, Locke. With words like “ruining the lives” of his friends and family, it’s clear you’re just blaming the victim.

Well, this doesn’t apply to this incident, but a lot of people are going to Iraq as mercenaries for the United States because they’re paid $1000 per day by various private “security” firms. They don’t answer to the American military and they’re not bound by its rules.

Probably because he never supported al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda would have been an even bigger threat to him than to us. He spent thirty years trying to squelch uprisings by Islamic fundamentalists, and only barely succeeded despite having an army of a million soldiers.

By “amidst people willing to fly planes into buildings”, I meant “amidst people who will do anything to kill their enemy, including taking out themselves and others”. It’s called an analogy, feel free to look up what it means, and you’ll see where I was coming from. Hopefully.

I never surmised what his motives were behind his business, nor will I. If you had given my post a second thought, you wouldn’t be accusing me of conclusions I never made.

And yeah, I’m clearly blaming the victim for throwing his life away (duh?), and completely ruining the lives of his loved ones. Memo to Kero - it’s his fault. Generally when your country is at war with a bunch of suicidal, bloodthirsty, fanatical maniacs, the responsible thing to do is to not go there. As opposed to parading yourself around in front of people who want nothing more than to kill you. His journey was nothing more than suicide.

So by that definition, every American over there is suicidal and irresponsible. Hell, every troop that dies over there is responisble for his own death. After all, we don’t have a draft right now, so every troop voluntarily signed up with the chance of going to combat. That’s pretty harsh. The guy went over there for constuction. He didn’t ruin his entire family’s lives. They are heart broekn yes, but he didn’t ruin their lives. If you had read anything about this, you’d know that he was going to go home a couple days after he was captured.

Hell, by your definition, I’m suicidal. I signed up for the military voluntarily, with the chance of going over. So if I die, it is all my fault and I ruined my family’s life. Wrong, they will be sad yes, but time will pass and they will move on. Besides, I don’t want to die. If I wanted to die, I’d just kill myself now. However, I don’t, which is why I’m sitll here.

The bottom line is that he took a risk to go there, and it was a bad move, bad timing. The military is there en masse, but he was a lone american (a Jewish man, nontheless, in the most anti-Jewish place to be these days), he made his decision on going. That doesn’t mean he deserves what happened to him, the fault belongs to the bastards that decapitated him.

As a side note, Iraq is not anti-jewish. Palestine is. The man was killed for being american, not for being a jew.

Some of you may hate me for what I am going to say, but I wish Saddam was still the man in charge in Iraq. After US troops leave, Sadri is going to overtake the government, and if not him, then someone else with a mentality like his. And Sadr and his companions are dozens of times worse than Saddam.

well, it is the next logical step, we take pics of them naked. they cut off somones head.

Okay… they behead one a civilian… after we TORTURE several of them… and which is the bigger deal? -_-

EDIT: Uh… yeah. I said civilian originally. cough <.<;

Um, read the thread title? :stuck_out_tongue:

He wasnt a soldier. He was a civilian contractor working for an iraqi firm.

what they did to that guy was worse than what we did to them. cuz who cares? they do worse stuff to themselves than WE do!