Pyramid Schemes

That’s what that free flatscreen thing reminds me of. And the fact that you have to get referrals to support you. It reminds of this other scheme back in the mid 90’s. I totally forget the name of it, but you had to downlod this program that would track how long you used your computer by seeing how long you were not idle. Then someone cracked the program and made another that just moved your mouse around. Then a new program came out that tracked the websites you went to and your mouse clicks. Based on this it could more accurately track your computer use. After a certain quota of time you were sent a cheque at the end of the month. The amount you got also depended on the number of referrals you had.

I think a direct referral was $1, an indirect referral was $0.50.

My friends were all telling me to get on this thing, saying it was easy money. Some actually got cheques.

I think the scheme went bust in '97 or '98.

Too bad pyramid schemes are illegal in Norway.
With all the ones I’ve heard about I could have been rich!