*Puts on a French Berret and some water paint*

Behold my masterpiece…
And since its too big for attachements… ((suuure, drawings are too big but all those fanfics fits just right. =P))


Nice, though the hand gripping the staff looks kinda odd to me.

I actually think the hand looks fine. The wizard himself looks great! :smiley:

It’d be nice if you did something with the staff, though, like put a bit of reflection on the orb.

I think the whole thing looks very nice. The folds in the cape are a nice touch, too.

A basic idea but done really well.

You all have to know, all I did was the coloring.

A friend of mine drawed the picture.

The Coloring Sucks, way to ruin Krymson’s drawing, Booken



I’m kidding, by the way. Nice Style of coloring.


Its not even Krymson’s drawing, its Synchro’s. --;

…Krymson, Synchro…The same! >.>;;;

The coloring still sucks >>;

Nice work, I especially like the cloak and the way he seems to say “Did anybody say ‘treasure hunt’?”

gasp Very kawaii! I think he’s adorable! ^.^

Nice Job, I like it alot :cool:

It looks great, Booken. :smiley:

I like it. :cool:

Wonderful job Synch! :smiley:

…what? Give her some credit already :stuck_out_tongue: The coloring isnt THAT special :stuck_out_tongue:

Not that Special? I putted my heart into it! ;_;


I think the cape is colour pretty well. The strokes give it some texture.