Purple Polar Bears?!

As it seems, purple polar bears are no longer the result of an acid trip.

Wow, that’s something new. Someone should make a purple polar bear plushie after her.

They look rather cute or a bit natural like that. They always seemed purple to me in photographs when the sun shone on them the right way

Reminds me of those Silkie Chickens they have out there. Makes me just wanna take one home with me! :slight_smile:

puts down crack pipe I gotta lay off this shit exhails a bunch of smoke

That colour purple is really cool, maybe I’ll dye my hair to it if I can find it.

Purple haze… up in my brain… stops himself

Uh- yeah. Thats quite an interesting find there. Are you sure its true, though?


It’s finally happened. I’ve gone insane.

Okay, that definitely warrants a WTF.

Yea, it’s true. I’ve seen it on multiple news stations and on the internet.

Greenpeace has struck again.

oh man no way is that true… it’s gotta be a hoax or something.

The medicine was an anti-fungal treatment applied to the bear’s skin. Most news sources seem to conveniently fail to convey this information, allowing the reader to assume that some sort of oral or intravenous medication mysteriously caused the bear to turn purple. It just happens that this liquid both kills fungus and stains things purple.

Oh okay cool.

So its just like a purple dye?