To celebrate the fact that I am leaving this continent for a week on Saturday to go make Holland a more Canadian place, there will be a user purge.

All below 10 posts and older than three months will burn.

Bring marshmallows.

I call the S’mores!

mmm, toasty.

Holland? Isn’t that where TD is? You two should meet up and uh… do nerdy hollish stuff?

DUDE!!! pulls out a pack of hotdogs and a box of hamburgers Now where did I put those buns?


:biggrin:Wow, I haven’t been here in about three months, so I barely made it!

Repent! Repent! The black death is upon us!

You should also bring a few corks with you just in case. They’re all the protection you’ll ever need. :wink:

I believe the correct term would be Dutch stuff, not “hollish” stuff.

What does this MEAN

Being correct is boring

I believe the correct term is windowshopping for prostitutes.

I’ve always thought S’mores were overrated, myself. I’d rather just eat the roasted marshmallows.

You are crazy, s’mores is the shit.

Hope you have a good trip to the Netherlands. I finally get to burn my built up stock of easter Peeps. I hate those the things…

Meh, marshmellows are overrated. Give me the graham crackers and chocolate :smiley:

barely escapes death
In a relative sense, that is.
Are tickets required? If not, I’m going to tell other people they are and then sell them.

I always found smores to be really dry and not all that tasty
Roasting sausages is better :open_mouth:

What’s with all the s’mores hating? S’mores rule. :smiley:

only if you don’t have sausages