Pupu Guru in FFx-2 ?

Okay, I was just sitting down and getting ready to play KH(Kingdom Hearts) when i decided to clean up my memory card a little bit. And i noticed that the graphic for X-2 was pupuguru(that little alien from FF8) jumping up and down. I just thought it was cute and should tell people about it. Does anyone else know what the other graphics are for different save states ?

I think FFX-2 always uses the same graphic, but the early FF PlayStation titles had different portraits depending on what block you were saved on. For example, saving a Final Fantasy VII game on Block 15 (I think) of your memory card gives you a portrait of everyone’s favourite silver-haired, black caped man. Blocks 11-14 give you portraits of the Turks, I think. The first few Blocks always consist of team member portraits, by the way.

There are a few other games that do this as well; Legend of Legaia, for example.

Chrono Cross does the same thing with chracter portraits… man, that’s a lot of characters.