Puppies should not do Heroin.

last tabloid i saw claimed the air force fought off ufo’s and that armageddon was coming this year…this must the the hundredth time though. that’s ok. i missed armageddon of '96.

Oh my gosh…that poor puppy. I also dont think People should use heroin, but then again…my opinion.

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I hope something horrible happens to those drug dealers!

Seeing as how they’re drug dealers, something horrible has probably happened to them before, and will happen again. They don’t live pretty lives, that’s for sure. Not to mention their lack of intelligence/morality probably lowers their quality of life aswell. hahah but I’m not trying to sympathize with them at all…

UGH! I’m not even amused, I’m downright revolted.

URgh ! This is just SO fucking wrong ! No word can possibly express my anger against those fuckers ! I’m no ecologist, however I’m still a big friend of animals in general, and I sincerly think they deserved to live as much as any humnan being…ARGHh I’m so pissed-off at morrons such as these dealers.

What is the world comming to …?

Unspeakable retrobution…or free drugs.

Drug lords use kids as mules all the time to bring drugs across the border. I think that’s more dispicable than using dogs. I mean, goats have rights too, you know!

Also, they use human children.

What I got from this thread:
“Fuck the people that get screwed over by the drugs, and those killed in the process! There are little balls of fur at stake!”

In any case, it sucks that it happens to animals, but like someone else said, at least they’re not using kids.

If I had the honor, I would make those drug dealers overdose on their own drugs, then shoot them before they die from the overdose.


Don’t know if that covers it, but I’m sure dying from a drug overdose is worse than being shot. Pretty sure it’d be a hell of a lot more painful than getting a round to the skull.

Depends on the drug, Steve.

With heroin, I’d say it’d be DAMNED painful, but that’s just me.

Its the New York Post. They’re pretty damned close to a tabloid paper.

No, actually. You just kinda float away… forever. A lot of times they find people who OD’d on heroin with the needle still in their arm, elastic still tied, smile on their face.

But that’s if you’re taking the drug normally. If a condom full of heroin pops in your stomach, you’re in for a very painful death. Thats why they use puppies for that.

Ya ever see a yetti when 28 condoms of coke pop in its belly? It ain’t pretty.
( no one will get the reference though)

Robot Chicken?

So what? We have to boo hoo over tragedies affecting humans but we’re not allowed to be disgusted if this shit involves animals?