*pulls hair out* ARRRGH!!!

Yes, this is probably an insanely stupid question, but I don’t care. I’d just really would like some kind of insight here. I got a new graphics card and by jove, I wanna use it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here are my compy specs:

Mobo: Socket A, ASUS A7V133


AMD K7 Athlon (Thunderbird) 1.31 GHz

AGP: AGP/AGP Pro that supports 133 MHz 4x mode

OS: Windows 98 Second Edition

Visual output devices: 1 CRT monitor, and a plain ol’ tv with A/V connectors in front

And the system requirements for the new graphics card:

Make: Radeon Sapphire 9600XT

CPU: Intel Pentium II/III/IV or Celeron, AMD K6/Duron, Athlon/Athlon XP, or compatable with AGP 4X (1.5V), 8X (0.8V), or Universal AGP 3.0 bus config (4X/8X)

RAM: 128 MB

OS: Win 98SE, 2000, ME, XP

Ok, this is what went down:

Let me first say that this thing did NOT come with an installation manual, so I dredged up memories of what I learned in Comp tech class about installing AGP cards, which was basically: don’t install a new AGP card unless you’re building a new system altogether, because it is no caikwalk swapping cards.

Anyways, I uninstalled the drivers for the old card (which I found was an AGP card after all), powered down the PC, unplugged it etc., and took that sucker out. Put in the new card which fitted in perfectly…didn’t have to hammer it in, or anything.

Plugged in the CRT monitor and booted, no initial beep to tell me that everything checked out OK, and no picture on the monitor. Shut the system down, tried the S-Vid connection to my tv, beeped and got a picture this time, but the picture kept rolling, so I couldn’t install any drivers.

Powered down, tried the monitor again, monitor didn’t work. Powered down, tried tv again, didn’t work. Repeated this about eight times and finally gave up and put the old gfx card back in. No beep, no picture. Brought in ancient PC and plugged monitor in that to see if it still worked, worked fine. (by this time I started to panic, wondering if I somehow killed the AGP slot, or both gfx cards)

Put new card back in, tried monitor, actually worked this time. Windows dialog for New Hardware found popped up, slipped CD in, supposedly installed drivers, and restarted. Monitor went dead when the system started to reboot. O_o
Started on cold boot, graphics were still in hideous 16-color mode, instead of pretty, anti-aliased, 32-bit color mode.

This time I just said ‘feck it’ and started system up from a cold boot, uninstalled the only ATI program found, took out new card, put back in old one and reinstalled drivers for old card, everything worked peachy afterwards.

My question:

Alright, seriously…what the hell? My monitor doesn’t recognize a new card on reboot, but it does (sometimes) on cold-boot? Is my motherboard not able to handle this new card, or did I just install it improperly? Should I feed the hamster on the wheel that runs my PC more often?

Call tech support, you’ve probably got a bad card. You shouldn’t be having that much trouble unless something is broken. Since it’s a new card, it should still be under warrenty.

It’s dead Jim.

Either your card is bad or it isn’t compatible with your mainboard. In either case, call Tech Support.