Public Apology

Dear friends, I apologize for my behaviour in the past. I have learned the error of my ways, and i’m going to better myself and the world around me. I’ve learned to love each of you despite your differences, and I love each and every one of gods creatures.

Koala’s kick ass. Shame on you.

I don’t believe you. BANNED!

Dear Charlemagne,
Good for you!
much love,

Deja vu.

I KNEW you weren’t the real Charle! It’s the eyes! Give back the old Charle!

It may have been his evil twin brother, EL PIANO LOCO! :o

DUM DUM DUM DUMDUMDUM eastenders ending theme

OR if you prefer

find out the Thrilling Concution Next week, Same time, Same Channel.

Big Nutter
Whacks himself with a Fryingpan

I knew it was too much to hope for that BN was gone for good … Oh, but “I … hate … KOALA!” is an awesome name for a thread.

agrees with yar on the BN issue…

Where are you hiding the real charl? *stabs imposter

he took me off pop/soda (X_X) and said i need to go to bed at 9 @@…DOES HE NOT KNOW THAT I LIVE 2 FUCKING LIVES - ONE ON THE NET AND ONE WITH ALL THIS CRAP TAHT’S GOING ON!?! - i need more time in the day ><… pshes him…i’ll stay off the soda, since i know that can cause problems with my medication, but i’m sooo not going to bed that early

Hooray for everything.

You might not love our baby, but i know for sure that its going to love you

I’m filled with religion now.

Which one?

Big nutter


You’re gonna burn in Hell.

Dude. That is just… priceless man. That got me laughing.

L. Ron Hubbard! Do you hand out free litterature, Charle?