PSX Help. (FF8 Disc Three)

No, I don’t need help with the game.

The thing is, whenever I start up my Playstation with the third FF8 disc in it, it goes straight to the “Memory Card/CD Player” screen instead of playing the game.

Suggestions on how to fix this?

Have you tried starting it up with say the first disk in and inserting the 3rd disk when it asks you to?

Yup. Then I just get a blank screen.

Huh, I’m not sure what to do then. That worked for a friend of mine =/

Have you dropped your Playstation or anything? Does this happen with any other games? How old is the system? Is the Disc in good condition?

I’m gonna have to assume that your CD is either scratched to hell or is just plain fucked up. Try playing it in someone elses playstation.