No. no. no. —no.

And seeing it’s something by Sony… must be… €K$P€N$IV€

<i>Oh great, another handheld to add to the growing list of competitiors…next thing you know Billy Gates will be creating one too.</i>

<img src=“”> It <b>does</b>look cool, Uri. I hope that it’s cheap, cause I want a GBA-SP so bad, but it’s so expensive.

<i>Who the hell said you could speak, whore? Get back out there and make me money!</i>

<img src=“”> Screw you. I can speak all I want.

<i>I’ll punish you later. Anyway, this is a pretty good idea…but I don’t know…Playstation Portable? I don’t trust it…</i>

I can only imagine the Microsoft X-Boy, which avertises itself as a “handheld” despite not being able to fit in any actual hands, let alone a pocket.

It aint that bad, its just gonna cost too much, but this could be the end of 2d gaming.

I just got an GBA: SP, for my birthday. So I’m not really intersted. But it does look interesting, we’ll just have to wait and see what they do with it.

Argh, the pictures won’t show.

Oh fun. I can squint at my games now.

Bah, everyone knows the Lynx is the best handheld console ever :-p :wink:

…And I won’t be getting one, I don’t have squillions to burn :thud:

It looks pretty nice, but concept images always do.

It looks sweet, but I will have to stay with Nintendo on the hand held market.

Originally posted by Neb
Bah, everyone knows the Lynx is the best handheld console ever :-p :wink:

Heh… the Lynx was so rad.

My biggest complaint is that it just doesn’t look like it’d be very comfortable for playing games on for any extended period of time. I’m already getting hand cramps just from looking at it.

Yeah, plus the buttons look flat, so they would be harder to push, than a normal controller.

If it plays PS2 games…

Sony said it looked like PSM’s mock-up along with the control schemes. I don’t think thats real at all.

Okay … so, this version of the PSP has its own screen … and that other website had it connected to some Casio thing … The question on my mind is: how dumb are we?

Originally posted by Amerycinsycho
Oh fun. I can squint at my games now.

My thoughts exactly.

the screen’s bigger than the GBA’s I think.

that’s so cool. I think I’ll buy it just to watch DVDs on the road.

“Hey, what’s that you got there?”

“I’m watching the Matrix.”

“Ooh, that’s a neat toy.”

“Yeah, it plays games too, but why play games when I can watch a movie?”

EDIT: On second thought. screw that. Didn’t pay any attention. No DVDs compatibility. :frowning: