I’m thinking about getting a PSP for Christmas. Any advice on good games and such would be helpful, but what I really want to know is what people thought of the storylines in Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth, Jeanne D’arc and Tales of the World. Good storylines are a major factor in if I buy RPGs or not so I would appreciate any info.

Tales games don’t have good story lines. JSYK. They’re not bad games, but I wouldn’t rank it up there.

Get FFT, Disgaea.

Spectral Souls.
The marvel action RPGs aren’t bad, thought the plots are kinda contrived in an effort to hit every canon point in the comics.

Get Valkyrie Profile.

Brave Story and Jeanne D’arc if you want your PSP to feel more like you’re holding a modern day system rather than just a handheld version of the PlaystationX.

I just picked up my PSP today along with FFT. I found one for $170 here in Canada at Futureshop (finally!). Unfortunately, what I didn’t realize is that they stiff you on the memory stick. It comes with nothing at all, and they don’t sell anything under 1 GB for $40. >_< Ouch! Is there any other way I can get ahold of a small memory stick? I have no intention of using my PSP for anything but saving games onto…

I’ve got the 32 MB stick that came with my PSP. If you want it, PM me and we’ll work out the details.