PSP options.

I thought I’d take advantage of the holiday season to shop for deals on a PSP… haven’t seen any good ones, though. Most places seem to have the following:

-Daxter PSP bundle; comes with a silver PSP Slim, Daxter, Family Guy UMD collection, 1 GB Memory Stick. $230.
-Star Wars PSP bundle: Comes with a white PSP Slim and some Star Wars game. $230.

I’ve only seen a plain PSP Slim in one place, and it’s about $30 cheaper.

Any recommendations? I couldn’t care less about the bundled games, but will I be unable to save without a memory stick? In that case I might as well go for the Daxter bundle. Does anyone know of a reliable place I can get it cheaper? Maybe a US site that ships to Canada? :sunglasses:

You’re getting less with the Star Wars bundle because the unit has a vector image of Darth Vader on the back and this somehow makes it “collectible”. If thats worth not getting a memory stick to you, go for it.

You do need a stick to save. The unit should come with a 32mb stick included (mine did, but it was the original and i got it on launch) and this is more than enough to save all your games. You’ll only need a bigger stick for movies/mp3/pictures, though buying a memory stick separately will always be a better deal. A 2gb stick is only 40 dollars these days, and thats more than enough space for some movies and songs (and even an ISO, but i dont think you’d be doing that)

The console itself can be had at 170USD, and that would leave you more than enough money left over to get a cool title like FFT or Jeanne’d’Arc or something. If you dont care about the bundled games, try to find the core system, though i guess if you’ve only seen it in one place, stores must not be stocking it :frowning:

Depends. If you really want to utilize the movies and music and possibility of emulation, a 2-4 gig stick is what you want. If you just want it for games, it should come with a 32 mb stick that is far more than enough for save data.

But seriously, get the daxter one. Comes with more for the same price. Plenty of games (coming) out for it now, imo (MGS:PO, FFT, FF7:CC, MGA, MGA2, Gow:CoO, KH:BbS, Castlevania Dracula X, Silent Hill Origins).

If it comes with a 32MB stick, that’s fine for me. I have no intention of using a handheld for the exact same stuff I can do with a real computer on a bigger screen; it’s just games for me.

$170 US sounds like a great deal - is that for the PSP Slim, though, or its chunkier brother? And has anyone seen that in a place that ships to Canada?

Thats the Slim, i don’t think they even sell the fat model used anymore.

Working in A superstore in Saskatchewan

Lessee, We got your daxter bundle for $199.99, Your Star Wars battlefront for $199.99, and your Core unit slim for $169.99

Which superstore?

The real Canadian one. You know, the one owned by Loblaws.

check page 22 and you’ll see proof about the battlefront one at least.

Of course, after I post this the flyer will change.

Worth a shot. We’ve got one here in Toronto, although to be honest I’d never shopped for anything but food there. :sunglasses:

How would the emulation work on a PSP? I currently have one running on my comp, but after using one at work all day I can’t sit in front of one when I get home.

I’ve never owned a console so I’ve been going over options on what to get. The 360 is good for me 'cause of the lower price vs. a PS3 and the number of titles that are available on both. But I’ve heard of overheating issues and soldering on the components melting.

Just like your semen, its all in the stick.

Similarly, you need a bigger stick for it to work particularly well.