PSP is it good or bad!!!

What Do you think of the psp good or bad

The system is good, Sony is bad, and the current lineup is questionable (I could see myself buying Darkstalkers or Ape Escape, but nothing else), but should get better shortly. It’d be better if there were less defects (square buttons on JP launch, dead pixels on US launch).

From what I’ve played (Wipeout Pure, Metal Gear Acid, and Ridge Racer) the PSP is very much tight. It feels nice to hold, is much more graphically impressive than any of the nintendo wares, and can play mp3s.

Now, I’ll not say that it is better than the gameboy. Mainly because gameboy has more games and I LOVE me some sprite based platformers.

But, well, the psp is worth the money. If I could afford it, I’d buy one right now. But I have an idea that I may be getting one for my 21st birthday (april 5th).

That’s the only part I’d disagree with you on. Here in the states, it retails for $250, and most of the games cost anywhere from $35 to $50. It comes with a movie (Spider-Man 2), and no games. So, if you get the system ($250), you’ll probably want to get a game (let’s say $40), and the memory stick that comes with it is so small, you’ll probably want a slightly bigger one, so you can actually store some of those MP3s you mentioned ($60). Oh, and don’t forget a warranty. It’s a handheld, God only knows what could happen to it (about $25-50, depending on retailer and duration of warranty, let’s say $30). Now you’re looking at $380 in initial costs. After tax (sales tax in this area is 8.25%), you’re looking at over $411.

I’ll be damned before I spend $400 on a PORTABLE. That’s all I have to say. When the system drops in price (and when the games that I want inevitably disappear from store shelves, most notably Darkstalkers… ;-_-), I’ll get one.

Totally worth it. But hey, thats just my opinion. Acid is fucking addictive >_>

Totally unworth it. I played it while I was bored at work, and while I didn’t play the best games the launch of the system has, you’d make yourself a big favor to ignore it completely. The joystick is extremely unwieldy, the graphics from certain games look like complete shit due to the LCD screen’s superior capabilities (I only played “ports” such as THUG2Remix and Dynasty Warriors PSP, can’t cha tell?).

Wait until it drops in price before getting it. I know that’s what I’m gonna do.

You do realize that, at the amount of money outlined above, you could buy 3 used Gamecubes ($69 per), 9 off-brand controllers ($10 per), a memory card 251 ($20) and a copy of Mario Kart (is it still $50?), and lay down some 12-player Mario Kart action. TWELVE PLAYER. FOR THE PRICE OF A PSP AND ONE GAME. That’s why I can justify it for the price.

[edit] before somebody nails me for it, I just remembered the Broadband adapters. Those are $35 per, so my scenario just became voided. So, here’s a new one: GCN: $69 (used). Four GBA’s (not SPs): 4x$49 (also used). Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: $29. Four GBA>GCN link cables, 4x$15. Memory Card 251: $20. That puts us at $385, the same price as the PSP, and you could play four player Crystal Chronicles for that price. Which, for the record, is also too damn expensive.

My point exactly. Fuck, in canadian money, it’s 350$ for the PSP alone, no game. 350$ THAT’S MORE THAN 2 WEEKS SALARY FOR ME!

It’s a bloody joke.

~Dont get the memory card. Sure 32megs is not much, but since the primary focus is to store game data it isnt that bad. And if I can tack on 5 or so songs to listen to when I’m not playing the game, thats fine by me. I don’t need alot.
~Warranty? Where are you buying it from? Get it at gamestop and you have a built in free 90day warranty. If your PSP breaks within 90 days then no biggie, you get it replaced.

So by your figures, you’ve already saved yourself $90.

Yeah, the PSP can get really expensive, if you make it. But I’ll settle for the lower memory card and Metal Gear Acid to start me off.

I still say its worth it, but thats because I enjoyed playing it. And as far as being able to get a whole bunch of Nintendo stuff instead… Well, I don’t much care for that system after I’ve played the PSP, I just find it to have much higher potential in the long run.

Really? I thought it was quite nice. I used it on Wipeout Pure and had a good ol time.

I have to second Izlude on this.

edit: the analog nub rocks :stuck_out_tongue:

Right now the PSP is an expensive joke (movies lol) and the DS is an expensive toy (touchscreen-maps lol). Whether the systems are good or bad will be decided over the next month or two as more games are made and announced. The PSP can do more ‘stuff’ but the DS has a better list of announced games.

I haven’t had a handheld since the original Gameboy in all its green screened glory. That’s mainly because I just didn’t have the opportunities when one would be a good investment. On car trips I’d rather read, and I wouldn’t bring it to school because I was too afraid it would be stolen. I just can’t stand playing games on small screens.

Anyway, that being said, I totally agree with everying Sat has said. That is just way too much for any handheld. When you can buy multiple home consoles for one handheld, you’ve paid way too much.

How many of you own the system, and how many are just passing judgement on it? It seems like the cool thing to do on the internet these days is bash the PSP, without even trying it. Not just in the forum, everywhere.

I own it. I really don’t give a fuck about the “portable wars” anymore. Its retarded. Both systems have thier own glaring issues that could have been fixed if the companies that produced them were more willing to make a good product rather than slap their customers in the face.

But hey, i’m a consumer whore, so i bought them anyway.

If you want to know what i think of the DS, ask me in a PM or something, 'cause i’m not going to compare the two. I’ll just give you the good and bad of what i see in the PSP.

Bad things:
> Media playing is a mixed bag. You can’t listen to a song and do anything else. You can’t put music with your slideshows. There arn’t any visulaizations. There is no sorting or orginization. At all.
> Memory Sticks are NOT FUCKING CHEAP. A 2 gig memory stick (which you pretty much need if you actually want to use the PSP as a media player) is 300 bucks. Suprise, sony has a stranglehold on the Memory Stick production licensing, so don’t expect a drop in price.
> The stuff you get in the value pack is worthless. So they are justifying the 75 dollar inflated price (compared to the OEM set released in japan) by saying these give you the needed accessories? Thats bullshit.
>>> The case you get is a fucking joke. Its pretty much one of those blindfolds they give you on a plane flight. It doesn’t even have a way to be shut.
>>> SpiderMan 2 has really bad encoding. It looks like they used an algo made by a monkey.
>>> Theres no demo disc. Theres a video disc that turns itself off after you watch one video.
>>> 32 megs is <i>absolutely nothing</i>. (memory stick).
>>> The headphones are really, really, bad. Go to kmart and get a better pair. Any pair will be better than these shitty things.
> Yes, the battery is just as bad as you’ve heard…kind of. When playing music or movies or photos from the memory stick, or just hanging out in the home screen, the battery lasts just as long as a DS. When playing a game, same thing goes. The games are clearly designed to take advantage of the battery. They load ONCE in the very begining (power on), and load for awhile. Some people might not like this, but it means that all the graphics and settings and everything are in the system ram, and it won’t need to spin the UMD or use the laser. This means really good battery life. However, when playing games that do need the UMD to be spun constantly (only RR, out of the games i’ve played), battery life is shit. Its like, 2 hours. Really. Also, wifi drains the battery alot, but right now, the only wifi usage is homebrew. Sony might find some optimization.
> Its gets dirty REAL easy. I’m sure you guys don’t care, but i’m OCD. This is the only feature i really hate. =
> The analog nub sucks. But hey, cro likes it, so different stokes for different folks, i guess. In all fairness, it isn’t even a joystick, its a new way of control, pretty much. =
> The manual is real bad. It doesn’t teach you anything. Expect to fumble around in the dark alot.
> No USB cable? The fuck?

Good Things:
> The home screen is great. We’ve been waiting for this since the dawn of the 32 bit era, when the saturn and PSX had CD playing capabilites. No system since then has so perfectly combined multimedia into gaming. The home screen is immediatly accessable at ANY moment (don’t believe what others say) and is instantanous in loading. Movie playback is NOT hard to do (again, don’t believe the DS-lover lies), because converting to MP4 is easy, and makes transfer quicker. The PSP’s screen is the perfect size for video, and it’s resizing is great. Photo viewing is amazing as well, because the PSP gives you the ability to manipulate the images in real time. Say i load my PSP with images of my girlfriend (which i do :P). If one of them is portrait, i can manipulate it through the photo menu to be rendered sideways, taking advantage of the widescreen. Maybe another one is a webcam picture. Using the PSP, i can have it autoformat the image to fit the PSP screen fully (while loaded to the PSP!), and then edit the zoom manually if i so choose. Hitting the [] then analog nub gives me the option of manually editing the angle and pitch that the image is rendered in (left and right), and control the zoom (up and down). Music playing is great as well, all the options of a basic MP3 player is availible.
> Media transfer is the best i’ve ever seen. All you have to do is hit “USB Mode”, hook it up to your PC via USB, then drag and drop your images/music/movies. Even my RioVideoPMP isn’t that easy :stuck_out_tongue:
> The freedom sony is giving us with device is amazing. For once we are allowed to view our own homemade music, movies, photos, and even games! Other companies block their systems from using home made media, by DVD locks or other things, but the PSP gives you full control over the memory stick. You can even run your own homebrew software (go to Home > Games > Memory stick), but i don’t know how this works as the manual doesn’t talk about it. Being a big homebrew/hack guy, i feel strongly about this, and its very cool for them to give us such freedom.
> WiFi, Internet Play, Download Play, and Online Multiplayer work out of the box. Meanwhile, nintendo doesn’t even know how to impliment a goddamn TCP/IP stack, and is STILL working on wifi play over a half a year after launch. The PSP’s MAC address and wifi settings are prominently displayed, and it can be set up as a wireless device on any normal connection. It also comes with manual WEP key and SSID setting, and can portscan to find open connections for you to play on. Setting up a new network hotspot is a breeze too, and the PSP can do it automatically if you know the WEP key.
> There are games. Tons of them. This was an amazing launch, and the bullshit about “no killer app” is retarded. Lumines? Acid? RR? Wipeout? Each of these games on their own surpasses the entire “lineup” of the DS’ games. And for the mainstream gamers, the other 10 or so titles are sure to please, but i havn’t played them.
> The graphics are amazing. Wipeout pure is above and beyond the graphics of Wipeout Excel for the PS2, and RR is better than RR5 for the PS2. 'nuff said.
> It can web-browse. This is really sweet. Just thought i’d tack it on.

In conclusion, is the PSP worth it? Yes. If you have any other questions, i’ll answer them.

It appears that a majority of the things on your “bad” list compain about the value of your money and what you get. That is the point thatI (and I believe Sat) are trying to make.

You are correct that I have not had the opportunity to play the PSP, but I don’t feel that I have to. I have yet to play a handheld exclusive game that I would pay the insane amount of money to buy. I also do not listen to MP3s.

Now if you are on the go all the time and want one and will use it, knock yourself out. I just think a handheld that plays MP3s isn’t worth the expense needed to get a PSP or any handheld for that matter.

Just to be honest, I did at one point consider getting a DS just to play Final Fantasy III and decided against it.

I think alot of people are thinking of the DS and PSP as “handhelds” thus less quality than home consoles. While many bad games will come out for the handhelds, many bad games come out for home consoles as well.

My point (here) is that in this day and age, handhelds are fairly matched against consoles now. Especially with the calibur of gameplay we’ve been seeing out of them recently.

Does the PSP have to be larger and hook up to a TV to be worth the price? Or is it the fact that “its handheld” make it less deserving?

I’m just wondering if this may also be an issue.

Holy shit, $300? Really?

Yea. SanDisk is teaming up with sony to make them, i don’t think they exsist yet. I got that price from Gizmodo, when he did an article about it. But the <a href=“”>1 gig version is over 200</a>, so over 300 wouldn’t be too shocking.

FAKE EDIT now i’m as cool as CH: And that 1 gig version claims a 130 dollar price drop, which would mean it used to cost 350 bucks.

If you’re telling me that if you had 8 pieces of cotton paper with the number 50 written on them, you wouldn’t exchange it for a mini TV with wireless multi-player that can be so ridiculously exploited in the classroom, you’re fucking retarded!

Boring Lecture? PSP! Don’t wanna disect a goat fetus? PSP! Finish your calculus test early? PSP!!!

I’m kinda clowning, but the other day, I did play my pal Gary’s PSP for a substantial amount of time, and let’s be honest here, $400 isn’t a lot of money for ANYONE whosoever possessing a job. It’s like, 2 paychecks. I think it’s worth the investment.

I’d buy an ipod. I haven’t touched a handheld since my GBA. Literally, I haven’t played on one for at least 6 months (okay, I’m probably lying, but in my defence the only game I played was Tetris, and that was when I was driving down to Florida from Michigan, back in November), nor do I have any reason to. I always end up with my neck cramped anyway. The idea of video seems nice, but really, any place I’d want to watch a movie on a tiny concealed screen I probably shouldn’t be, and mobile DVD players are pretty cheap nowadays.