PSP games

what psp games are out?

-That swirly Tetris-like colour game I forgot what it was called
-Ridge Racer


<a href=“”>Everything under “New Releases”</a>

I got a PSP about a week ago (also, the EB by my house is most likely going to come and take my first born son someday…), along with Darkstalkers: Chronicle (good game, a lot like the rest of the series, a little on the easy side when I play as Zabel/Raptor), and Metal Gear Acid (fucking awesome game. I would definitely reccomend buying it if you liked any of the others in the series).
So, that’s my piece on the PSP and its games.

You play as L. Raptor? Instead of Lilith?


And about Metal Gear Acid… just how RPGish is it, anyway?

I am ridiculously good as L. Raptor. I liked him when I was a little kid, 'cos guitar zombies are just AWESOME!, so I just usually played as him, and I’ve gotten good with him. I also, for sake of mojo, play all characters in their medium punch colour. I’m a freak.
EDIT: On a side note, I sometimes feel really bad fighting Lilith, as she has the same kinda face as my girlfriend. Although my girlfriend isn’t just the evil of Morrigan’s soul… er… um… at least I really hope not…

As for Acid, it’s not very RPG like at all, at least not so far. It’s more like a card game and a turn-based-strategy. You get points for how well you do on missions (includign bonuses for ‘speedy,’ which means you used few cards, never seen, which means you were never seen, and getting throught without any kills, which you can also probably guess). You use points to buy new packs of cards (3 random cards from various ‘sets,’ based on the previous metal gear games), and then you edit your deck with the cards you want.
Also, I’m pretty sure your characters get stronger and have more abilities as you go on, but as a devout over-leveler type of person, I’ve been playing a bonus mission a lot to rack up points (I’m over twenty thousand now, more than I will likely ever need), and also have been trying to get through every mission without being seen (so far, I’ve had to load twice). I’m not too far into it, yet.
Basically, it’s like X-Com, or that one Gundam Game, or Ogre Battle, only you have just one character, for a while, and then just two, combined with Magic: The Gathering, Rage, Doom Troopers (good card game, not embarassingly bad SNES game), or any other such card game. It’s very odd, but ridiculously entertaining.
Also, if you’ve played a lot of the games in the series, the card descriptions make great nostalgia. Sometimes, you forget just how cool Psycho Mantis and the Cyborg Ninja are.

Man… that sounds RPGish. Character growth, strategic turn-based action… even the points seem to be somewhat like currency… Sounds a lot like a card based, tactical RPG…

Doesn’t matter if it SOUNDS RPGish. Depends on if it FEELS RPGish… but I like your way better if I can shrine a MG game >_>

Oh yeah. Get Dark Stalkers for sure. I got it today and it kicks ass.

I’m sorry but that list of releases looks only slightly less terrible than the DS’s.

Heh… yeah… I kinda realized that half way through my explanation. I just haven’t gotten to the character advancement yet, so I guess it doesn’t feel like an RPG yet to me as much as a turn-based-strategy with RPG elements, rather than the other way around. Then again, I’m really rather bad at classifying things.

As for Shrining, I’d say that since there’s a shrine to Kiduo Senshi Gandam, you could definitely shrine this, as it feels more RPG like than that, to me at least.

EDIT: I don’t know, Pierson. The fact that it has at least two good games, MGA and Darkstalkers, with several others that look good (a Dynasty warriors one, for example), the two of which I’ve played have a lot of gameplay in them.

punches you in the face

No, no, I’m not saying that that doesn’t feel like one, just that Acid has more of an RPG feel.
I personally prefer Acid, but I also want to be Big Boss/Saladin when I grow up. Or one of the Snakes.

Metal Gear Ac!d
Ridge Racer
Untold Legend
Wipeout Pure

I’d say that (having played most of them, with the exception of Untold Legend) this is by far the best handheld game release to date. I’ve looked over the DS’s list of to-be-released as well as currently existing games and only Castlevania and Mario Kart DS looked promising. I was looking over these things before I made my purchase decision but as you can see in my signature that I went with the PSP.


Now, the new gameboy may be better than the PSP (but we havent seen anything yet, waiting for E3), but the DS is going no where fast. Several people at my school traded in their DS for PSPs about a week ago, now were all doing multiplayer Ac!d and I just got Ridge Racer…

I need someone at my school to get a PSP, because I’d like to see how I do against other people at ACID.

The DS was such wasted potential. Never before was there a handheld more suitable for RTS and FPS. Oh well… we can hope the GBE (or whatever the hell its called) will have one screen thats still a touch screen.

Just be prepaired, the multiplayer isnt as “Versus” as you’d think. The goal of the mission in multiplayer is to collect 3 “Chips”.

Heres a multiplayer overview:

~To get a chip you must kill an enemy soldier.
~You can only see in a cone in front of you. (if you have done the 2nd half of the “Power Plant” mission you’ll know what I’m talking about.)
~If either of your characters are killed then you loose all your chips.

So, with those things in mind, the strategy that I’ve developed is to have teliko kill and gather chips on our side of the map and have snake cycle through cards for the best combat cards I can gather. (including as many The Fury cards as I can) then right when my opponent is at their 2nd card, I send snake over to kill one of thier characters, dropping thier chip count to 0 and have my teliko quickly gather the last chip before they have a chance to kill off my Snake.

Thats been working so far, but when they do it in return it ends up being a Teliko race / Snake duel… lol

All right, thanks. I prefer using Snake, usually, but that’s just me.

The reason I made this choice was because teliko can take more turns in a fight right off the bat to give her the edge while killing and “collecting” the chips. And I’d rather pit snake against my friend’s Teliko or Snake because hes a better shot and can kill teliko in one round if need be.

That’s good thinking. Thanks.