PSO RPGCer character database

Yes, I ripped the title off the WoW thread.

We’ve got a sizable number of people interested, so I figured some organization was in order.

Name Class Level
insanity1 RAcaseal 11
insanity2 FOnewearl 2

Private server discussion, you’re banned.

devillion RAcast 27

ph33r my 1337 levels

Ronus Level 6 Human Male Hunter (I don’t know the proper names)
Zalath Level 6 Human Male Ranger

I’ve had the game like, a week, so i’m still a bit of a n00b.

You probably want to mention which format you’re playing it on. I’ve got 2 copies on Dreamcast (v1 and v2), 2 on GCN (ep1&2 and ep1&2+), one on Xbox, and the PC version.

this is for PC and Dreamcast V1/2 on a private server.

Dammit, my best character (that wasn’t deleted) is on GCN… >_<

Anyone know where I can get ahold of a DC and PSO?