PSO Help

Does anyone know why when I beat the dragon in the forest, the caves don’t open up? I’ve beat the dragon about a million times now and the caves are still locked for my character. I’ve done all the forest quests since I thought that that might be the problem, but no such luck. I’ve done so manyd ragon runs it isn’t even funny, but sitll no caves. I’m on level 17 if that means helps.

Are you playing Multi-Mode? (it’s split screen multiplayer for the console versions)

You’re not big enough

No, I’m doing single mode (hence the doing all of the quests). That is what is puzzling me so much. In multiplayer-mode, I know it works that way, but why is it happening in single player?

I got the caves open after just going to the forest without taking any real quest… Hmm… Try going to the Hunter HQ, and talk to the head honcho. He should open the caves up!

Damnit man, I think you’re right! I don’t think that I ever talked to that guy. Thanks, I’ll get back to you with the results.

EDIT: Thanks, that worked. The caves are unlocked now.

Not a problem, my man. Preparing for army in … whoops! 11 days!