PSN Hacker works at Facebook

Surprised? The ending to “Catch Me If You Can” comes into mind.

Also, the guy’s got an interesting ‘line of work.’

He didn’t hack the PSN, he hacked the PS3 to make it possible to install linux on it.

This is neither surprising nor unusual, and there is no “shifting paradigm” to speak of, this is exactly what serious, real-life hackers do for a living. They show off a bit, earn a name and then get hired as valuable developpers/security experts. The variable legality of their “show off” phase usually gets forgotten pretty quickly as their work becomes vital for the industry.

Google “Kevin Mitnick” if you’re curious. You’ll find two things about the dude: One, an endless supply of hacking and fraud charges coupled with legendary tales about his exploits and the over-the-top paranoia surrounding his arrest, and two, Mitnick Security Consulting, the information security company he now runs.

On that same vein, watch this movie, it’s awesome.

Yeah, I remember when they finally caught Mitnick…I remember having a Free Kevin sticker on my Angelfire website when I was learning HTML. Ah, memories. :stuck_out_tongue:

And of course it’s not surprising that a hacker got a sweet job. They know what the fuck they’re doing.

Really not surprising. I mean if you google Hotz’s name you get a pretty good idea of his skills.

So … he has hot skills, then?