PsiOps-The Mindgate Conspiracy

Is cool as hell. Buy it now!

What the Hell is it?

Probably a game, of some sort.

It’s one of several games with psychic powers (it’s the fad now). It looks pretty cool; if I remember it to be the right game, you get pyrokinesis as an ability, among several others.

There was a nice review of it in the latest Game Informer, and it looked quite good. Havn’t played it myself.

Psy powers in games have been around for ages.

Galerians for example, which was also an anti [or possibly pro] drug statement.

I guess I should explain it better.

While psychic powers are nothing new to a game, the way it is utilized it very cutting-edge. Your most often used power will be TK (telekinesis). With it, you can levitate and move virtually anything, such as health/ammo, guns, rocks, people, etc. You can ‘throw’ the objects while they are in your control. This is a useful (and rather satisfying) method to dispatch enemies, slamming them into a wall repeatedly, holding them aloft while you gun them down, or simply hurling them off a bridge. The only limit is your imagination.

The way the game is made, you are free to walk around, shoot at stuff, and so on while simultaneously using your TK, levitating and moving objects. One can even ‘TK Surf’, basically by standing on a box or any object able to hold you, then levitating and controlling the object.

Other powers include mind control, allowing you to take control of an enemy and wreak havoc on the oblivious. Remote viewing lets you sit your body someplace safe while navigating with your mind, passing through doors and so on to get an idea of enemy patrols and other aspects of the area. There’s also pyrokinesis, to deep-fry your enemies.

Your powers operate from the ‘psi meter’, basically it’s your mental energy. As you use your powers, the meters drain. You can rely on power-ups to refill your energy, or you can use the ‘Mind Drain’, an ability which saps Psi from your enemies and refills your meter. This usually will explode a living enemy’s head, but in the occasion that they’re dead, you can still get some energy from their corpses.

Mix this awesome gameplay with a fast-paced but cool storyline that I won’t ruin for anyone, and you have a winner of a game. It’s for the X-Box and PS2. Again, if you’re into action games, get it!

I have played it so I can vouch for its greatness. At first glance it didn’t look really appealing to me, but when you finally play it you can see just how much fun it is. I really enjoy playing it and I would recommend it to anyone on RPGC. The various psi-powers you get, in addition to the guns, really makes the game enthralling and I can hardly put it down.

Here’s the music video by Cold, ‘With My Mind’. The song was written specifically for the game, and the video gives a little more insight.

Exploding heads makes me give this game 17 thumbs up :smiley:
Seriously, it’s a pretty good game. It’s worth at LEAST a rental.