PS3 scans: MSG4, DMC4


Konami have confirmed that this is real PS3 footage, not renders.


Looking pretty fucking sweet. Dante is beginning to look like a Castlevania protagonist though.

[Insert Fangirl Squeal Here] Oh, god. That looks awsome. Why must we have to wait so long for this stuff to come out? Although, I’ll never be able to afford it… ;_;

… Snake’s moustache is evil. Therefore, I don’t support them. Yet.


Is that supposed to be Snake, with the moustache and the cigarette? He looks like a bad villain out of a Bond movie. Gak, what happened to the cool Snake?

Gee, thanks. I just impregnated my underwear. Snake is still badass. Accelerated aging or something apparently kicked in.

Guys, Snake never lost an eye. That’s not Solid Snake, it’s Solidus. Which was the final boss in MGS2.

Which, for those of us who obsess over Metal Gear Solid, is a big what the fuck.

I just thought it was there for the hell of it. Not an eye patch. Meh.

I am pretty sure that Solidus is dead.

It might be some futuristic gadget :open_mouth:

Hmmm. Maybe the Mark II (the little robot) will be used as a recon droid to send direct feed to Snake or something. That seems most probable. Or a its a new scope. One of those two.


It says:“MGS4’s snake is a …SENIOR CITIZEN?!”

If Snake is this old, then Ocelot will be a damn fossil.

Also, I’m pretty confident that Solidus is dead.

He lost his right eye, not his left, correct? And if anyone thinks it could be a horizontal flip of all the images, that would make snake have the m4 in his left, and neither Big Boss nor Solid are lefties.

Ressurection isnt out of the question, so nobody say that since someone is dead they cant come back…Like fucking LIQUID >_<

The ‘eyepatch’ is a viewing thingy for the Metal Gear mk II (the small robot shown on one of the pages). Judging from those pictures you’ll probably get to use it. it’s a gadget.

What if the big twist is you play as the robot after being a badass snake for the first hour of the game??? That would shut up all the fucking whiners about raiden.

I miss the beard. ;_;

And Dante looks like he could use some braces. >_>

Am I the only one who thinks that’s BIG BOSS?

I thought he was dead though?

Its not Snake, its Big Boss. My guess is that this is the story of Big Boss becoming the “badguy”

Just like how MGS3 was about Big Boss

According to that scan, Kojima says that Raiden has become an ultimate bad ass, and everyone will change their opinion on him.

And no, that’s not Boss, because he lost his right eye. That Snake’s eyepatch is on the left.