PS3 in action

I’m watching my friend play Resistance, and if this is the best the PS3 has to offer it’s finished. Don’t buy this game. Get Gears of War instead.

That is the concensus, yes.

Sony’s fucked. Period.

No you’re just not in it’s target audience

As if I needed another reason NOT to get the PS3. At least until FFXIII.

Yeah FFXIII is the only game I’m looking forward to.

Hey guys, it’s a generic WW2 shooter.


God why do all launch lineups always suck.

Actually, it is worse than that. The weapons it has are all advance (even the human weapons). The gun you have is pretty advanced and is completely fictional. That is fine for the alien guns, but the humans weapons should be WWII and Korea weapons. The game also shows how aged the PS3 controller is and how good the 360 controller is. It is sort of sad since I was looking forward to the game when I heard about it (and didn’t even know what system it was for), but the weapons ruin it for me. I was hoping for something like Call of Duty, but against aliens, but got no such thing.

What’s sad is that PS3’s Call of Duty 3 looks even worse than Resistance :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, that is quite surprising since CoD3 looks quite good on the 360 (I sometimes just marvel at the graphics). However, Resistence also isn’t the best looking game (it doesn’t really have next-gen graphics), so it sort of speaks volumes of CoD3 on the PS3 then.