PS3 Gmeas taht I sohuld buy.


Valkyria Chronicles - this is NOT Valkerie Profile.
Metal Gear Solid 4
Battlefield: Bad Company
Grand Theft Auto 4

Reasons can be found in that thread about favorite rpgs of the 0’s

So what exactly is the point of this thread? I can’t read the thread’s title because I’m only fluent in English (mostly), and as of this post 1/3 of the posts in this thread (including the OPs) have been rendered unreadable due to some feature called ignore.

Judging by the posts I can still read it looks like this thread has something to do with PS3 video games.

And if we’re talking about PS3 games then how about Star Ocean 4? I heard that its being released for the PS3. But then again that game isn’t out yet.

How about Enchanted Arms? Although judging by the games that TrkJac posted JRPGs isn’t what this topic is about (though VC is kinda close).

Maybe X-Blades then? That’s not a JRPG.

Well, whatever this discussion is about, those games are definitely my picks.

Demon Souls
Uncharted 2, possibly, cause I’ve been brainwashed
My English Coach (for the Nintendo DS)


I’m curious about this too since I’m considering buying a PS3. Games these days are expensive!

They really are. Wii has cheaper, if not fewer, games. Just thought I’d mention. Most of the really good games come out on multiplatform so you aren’t missing much regardless of which system you choose.

I don’t have a PS3, but just to contribute I’ll say Uncharted 2 because it won Spike VGA PS3 game of the year. I played a little Resistence and Killzone and they’re pretty much Gears and Halo clones, which means they’re worth picking up because they’re probably just as good as their parallels.

Why is my text centered?

Resistance and KZ aren’t clones of anything. If anything, Gears is a clone of KZ.

But Gears of War first came out in 2006, and Killzone first came out in 2009. It would be impossible for the latter to be the clone of the former barring time travel of some sort.

The first KZ came out before it. KZ isn’t even in third person. If you call KZ a clone of Gears then you have to call just about every other futuristic war game a clone of Gears.

After a quick search, it seems that you’re right. Two points for GSG! Relish them, for they’re the only ones you’ll attain.

Uncharted 2