PS3 360 you know the drill.

I think I am going to start editing all of my posts to say different things. Why? I don’t know. I’m pushing the 72nd hour here.

Man, just when I started having hope for you after the Charl thread, you remind us all of how stupid you are.

The PS3 has gotten better but the 360 has a superior library and the multiplatform titles generally run better on the 360.

Just go with the flow of things, there really is no room for resistance. Find what you want and identify a line. There is always a line. There is always energy in every direction.

I’m voting PS3.

Uncharted, Uncharted 2, all the multi-platform games that are on the 360, MGS4, FF Versus 13, free online, etc. 360 is ok, but I’ve been playing my PS3 more since I got it.

Ghostbusters, Bayonetta, to name a couple, have problems.

The 360 has Mass Effect 1/2, Halo 3 and ODST, Gears of War 1/2, Blue Dragon, Fable 2 (soon 3), Forza, the GTA expansions, Tales of Vesperia in NA, NGII (the PS3 version sucks, I’ve played through it). XBLA’s selection is superior to the PSN’s with Castle Crashers and Shadow Complex, to name a couple.

The PS3’s RPG selection has been comparatively lacking to say the least and there are barely any good multiplayer co-op games. The FPS titles have also been inferior, Uncharted aside. Those were excellent titles. The only PS3 title I’ve played extensively with my gf was LittleBIGPlanet. The PS3 controller battery life is also fucking shitty and hte L2/R2 buttons are not as comfortable triggers as its equivalent on the 360.

FF Versus XIII is still a biiiig question mark. Didn’t you like Lost Odyssey, Cro? :stuck_out_tongue:

Son of a bitch, I totally forgot about Castle Crashers and Shadow Complex.

GSG: It really depends on what kind of games you like.

I fucking hope editing posts doesn’t bump the thread. That would suck. Why would it even do that.

Nintendo did that with GC/GBA. Sounds good in theory, but it’s usually underused and distracts from things that matter (having good games/hardware, for instance)

At a pinch I’d have to pick 360 but it’s a lot closer nowadays than it was 2 years ago. Most games I play are multiplatform so whatever system I choose to play it on is largely arbitrary but I find myself generally favouring the 360, if only because I prefer XBL to PSN. Exclusives-wise 360 just has the edge- I could give or take Uncharted and its sequel, Ratchet and Clank is likely the best platform-action game on either machine though, and I’d have to put Killzone 2 ahead of Halo 3. Fable 2 for me was just too weak for words, especially as it was going up against Fallout 3, a game I can still play for hours on end even today. Mass Effect, GoW and Forza are big selling points, but it remains to be seen how big an effect the other ‘…of War’ game that’s coming out this year will have.

Downloadable games-wise the 360 has the edge with bells on. PSN has FF7, FF8, Flower and Riff, and that’s just about it. If Sony ever decide to get off their arse and re-release Wipeout 2097/XL in HD with online multiplayer- or, better yet, the utterly sublime Rollcage- then I’ll be in a mood to reassess things. XBL also has the indie games, where you can buy an underground classic like ‘I MAED A GAM3 WITH ZOMB13S!!!’ for a dollar and play that more than most $50 games. Oh, and Perfect Dark’s coming in a few weeks’ time. :smiley:

Multimedia-wise it’s a close-run thing, at least it will be when ‘get Sky through your 360’ comes out in the UK.

In conclusion, all I can really say is, I’m thankful I have both of them. :slight_smile:

Ditto :slight_smile:


I find both console libraries to be alright, if nothing stellar. But this console generation has mostly left me cold and uninterested. Developpers generally will try to release on both since the cost to make a game is too big to have exclusives without cause. PS3 titles can sometimes be more problematic due to a design philosophy difference when it comes to coding (The 360 is a dumb PC, the PS3 is a fucking rubix cube at times) and overall…well, I’m just not into games as much nowadays I guess.

I play my DS and on my PC.

PS3 because the PSNetwork is free and I’m a cheapskate. Overall I enjoy 360 games better.

I don’t have either system, but I’ll voice my opinion. PS3 has the better system to me, hands-down. Has a whole lotta stuff in one package (Wi-Fi, Blu-Ray, free Network, etc.). Unfortunately, 360’s got the upper hand as far as console libraries are concerned. If I ever got a 360, I’d have to spring more money so I could use my wireless internet. (Ethernet cable would never make it to my room.) I will say that the PS3 is getting some better games at least, but the 360 still has it beat there.

There were rumblingsa whileback of Sony beginning to charge for their online service. It makes sense; the price drop exponentinally increased their user base.

Regardless, I vote 360. I miss RPGs, but Final Fantasy XIII is coming oh so soon, and I can’t wait. This and all the reasons Sinistral has already mentioned (damn, only 3 for 360?).