PS2 Online

Ok, so today I set up my Network Adapter and got everything working to play online with Ps2, but the only game i can play online is Tony Hawk’s Underground. So, I was wondering what a good Ps2 game that can go online is. Please don’t say Final Fantasy XI, I need a game that does not have a monthly fee. Thanks for any recomendations you guys have.

SOCOM is by far the most popular PS2 multiplayer game. The newest Resident Evil game is pretty popular too from what I’ve heard.

I was thinking about getting SOCOM II, but how many people can be killing each other at once, I want something thats really a frenzy of people running and gunning.

If you’re looking for <em>great</em> multiplayer FPS action, then you’re looking for it on the wrong platform, my friend.

Unfortunately i can’t afford an XBOX and my computer is far to crappy to run any games. Thankfully some army games coming out this winter so i can get it for Xmas im pretty sure you can have 24 people at once so hopefully i can get that when it comes out.

The Socom games are your best bet for now.And i would get a Network Adapter if i just had broadband,DAMN YOU DIAL-UP!

Actually my broadband was real annoying, cuz we got the verizon wireless thing with the router and i had to wait 2 weeks to get my ethernet card for my comp so after 3 weeks of trying to hook it up its finally working and now I’m happy. So right now it looks like all get Socom, but please keep sugestions coming.

Resident Evil:Outbreak

Resident Evil looks good, but I don’t think it’s really my style i might get it tho. Also is Tribes:Aerial Assault good its only $9.99 so I might get it, but right now I think im goin for SOCOM II

To answer your SOCOM 2 questions, 16 people per room, games are divided into rounds, the standard is best of 11. 8 people per team SEALs and Terrorists, most of the maps are fairly large and offer alot of hiding spots. I play it alot, but I also run with but just outside of a clan thats offered to get me in several times. Also your best bet is playing respawn games till you get the hang of everything since they affect your ranking none and if you lose enough rank then you’ll be an ensign and people wont want you in their games for u r teh suk. and stuff

Doesn’t the network adapter have a monthly fee?

No, some games themselves might have monthly fees, but the network adapter itself doesn’t have a fee.

Why would a modem have a monthly fee, unless you’re renting it like a dumbass?

Not coming out for a while, but Monster Hunter looks great.

SSX 3 is networkable. It also rocks. Score on two counts! :smiley:

You mean there are good games on Ps2 Online?!?!
After playing XBox Live, I find that hard to believe. :stuck_out_tongue:

SSX3 kicks ass, but I’m not gonna get that one because I’m getting it for my birthday. Thanks for suggestions people, I think I’m gonna get SOCOM II.

Fucking hell, I totally forgot about this one. Get it when it comes out, hopefully it’ll be as good as the few previews i’ve read about it.

The Japanese version of Armored Core Nexus (Due out in the states in the fall) supports LAN play, and if you know how to configure things you can trick it into a form of online play (vlans).