PS2 Gameshark. Backwards compatable?

Does anyone know if the Gameshark (version 4’s what we have 'round here) for the PS2 will work for PS games when you run’em in the PS2 and input the codes manually?

Standard cheat thread disclaimer: Say anything about how cheating’s stupid or wrong and I’ll rip your motherJ(#&U_()U#$(IHJing eyes out. Otherwise, thanks for the replies an input in advance : ).

The only way to really find out is to try it yourself.



Originally posted by ahkeeyuu
The only way to really find out is to try it yourself.

Sure, that would be true if all the other forum-goers just up and DIED right now, but I don’t think that’ll happen, will it (unless all of them post useless smart-ass comments, in which case I’m pretty sure someone’ll lose it somewhere along the line and arrange for all the up-and-dieing to happen)? I’m just asking a question to try and get a little info in case anyone has it, not some smart-ass comments that do nothing for my question but waste the space beneath it.

If I seem a little harsh, it’s because of the very few threads I initiate myself requesting a little honest help, the majority get a cluttered with the same smart-ass comments mentioned above.

It may be possible, except that Interact changes the address format more often than some people change socks. It would probably work better if you used a Code Breaker and did some research on PS2 memory offsets to see where PS1 ram is located. Sorry I couldn’t help more (maybe the people at could be more useful) but the gameshark is precisely the reason why I keep my PS1 around.