PS2 Controler

Not really a computer question, but here goes.

My controler for the PS2 ha been acting funny, lately. When you first start playing a game, the left joystick always goes to the right. Not the sick itself, but the character on the screen.

Like in Disgaea, when you first enter the game, you are controling Laharl. Imediately, he begins to move to the right, rather slowly. When you press the joystick in that direction, it does not help, but if you press it to the left it stops.

I have this problem with alot of games. Some sort of funny thing, or is the controler too old?

It JUST happened to me with Xenosaga II. I lightly brushed the stick and it stopped.

Sounds like the stick is worn out. It happens with well-used controllers, don’t know if there’s a way to fix it.

Mine’s brand new.

Your reply wasn’t there when I was typing, I was talking to the other guy. :stuck_out_tongue:

It usualy only does it only on games where the joystick is used alot; FFX, Disgaea, Gladius, etc.

Turn off your console. Make sure your controller is in the neutral position. Boot up the console as normal, not moving the controller until the “press start” bit or whatever. See if it still persists.

I know it is not that. I always have the controler sitting on top of the Tele, right side up, when turing on the PS2, anyways.

It could be that the pin in the analog stick has fallen out. If it’s still under warranty, get it exchanged.