PS2 and GC!

You see, I’m behind the times. Horribly so. Like, completly. I havent been able to keep up with a lot of recent console gaming, and I might want to fix that little problem.

But here comes the problem, ladies and gentlemens!

I hesitate bettewn a GameCube…and a Playstation 2.


You strike me as more of a CRPG fan, so I’d go with the GC for the crazy party games and other weird titles.

(Thanks for the move, by the way)

Dude, the last thing I want are ‘party games’. I hardly get anybody around here to play with. I’m more lookin’ at RPGs. Which means the PS2, but there is cool titles on the GC, too.

I mean, like the upcoming Zelda.

I’d say the good titles for the PS2 FAR outnumber the ones in GC.

It matters what type of games you’re looking for. GC has the classic characters, and some classic games. PS2 sounds like what you want though, it has a large variety of RPG’s including compatability for PS1 games. I say you should get PS2.

I have both - I got the PS2 years ago and the GC about six months ago. I definitely spend more of my gaming time with the PS2 since I play more solo games, so I’d recommend that console first if you get just one. The backward compatibility really helps too - I may actually have more PS1 games, and I never owned that console at all.

PS2 for multitasking win-ness~

And Wild ARMS

Facts: Classic characters and concepts on the cube

New challengers and ideas on the PS2

Smaller discs yet faster loading times on the cube

Bigger discs yet “now loading…” on the PS2

I’d pick the PS2 for the backwardity too, but my heart’s in the nintendo camp for the ease of importing stuff. (No modding needed!)

LAST WORD: Cube is cheaper, I believe.

I too have been behind the times of console gaming. From my experience, though, I have noticed that there are many more games for PS2 that are worth playing than for GC. My girlfriend recently bought me a PS2 and I had no problem finding great games for it right away. My local gamestop had a lot of games in the under $10 bin that were even good. Also, every time I have played GC, I have thought that it was one of Nintendo’s failures. Look at the real facts. Why was it GC that was the first one to come down in price? Why is it now the cheapest? All I am saying is the simple rules of supply and demand show that PS2 is the way to go.