Just got it. Enjoying it very very much. Anyone else?

It’s open world right?


Well, it’s just that my backlog of unpurchased and now cheap used games is getting to the right price (Ninja Gaiden 2 for 17.99 and Force Unleased for 26.99…)… I dont think I’ll be getting Prototype just yet. Glad it’s fun though, I was hoping for as much. Although unless its chock full of things to do ala GTA then I never quite see the point of open world games.

Any idea how it compares to inFamous? I’m pretty much going to grind the heck out of trophies in inFamous, and then make a trade deal for Prototype afterwards, unless Ghostbusters gets me first.

Modern Electric Superhero rocks. Grinding on powerlines is a rather neat form of transport and the climb anything almost screams for a spider-man like power to swing around…

Only trouble I have with the game is the “#%”##&"# ex-seal sniper level accuracy of any enemy, gun fired from hip, even if they are JUNKIES and HOMELESS PEOPLE with capes and trashbags over their heads with eyeslits. Oh, and getting the Right Back at Ya stunt is downright impossible. There’s no way to predict where the grenade flies after you shockwave it back, and if it goes towards the enemy who tossed it, they just run out of the way. “#%”#%%". Last one I need.

is it multiplatform? all my friends keep saying its 360 exclusive and if it is i’m gonna cut my hands off.


Its multiplatform and from what I’ve read (I don’t have a PS3), inFamous and Prototype, while both being open world games, are extremely different games. Prototype is an action game. I hear both are good titles.

Haven’t played Prototype, but some of my friends have. They said that the first 10 mintues of it were good, but then it got quite same-y. Like go here, kill so many people in a set time, or something similar. shurgs

They said that inFamous was a better one. But I don’t know myself, haven’t played either.

Infamous has a surprisingly wide variety of missions to complete, from simple beat up enemies to escorting prisoners to GODDAMN, grinding on powerlines around the city-sort of checkpoint racing. They do get a bit repetitive, seeing the three city parts each contain sewer missions, checkpoint races etc…

But the stunts. Mmm, completing the stunt list almost makes me feel as tingly as collecting Blue Magic in any FF game that applies… of course, I still lack Right Back at Ya… I almost feel like doing a complete karma reversal so I can reduce the range and force of my shockwave, so the grenades I reflect wouldn’t bounce all over the place.

I’m really rather tired of the Infamous vs Prototype arguments raging everywhere. No one in their right minds would have drawn comparison between their obvious predecessors (the Sly Cooper series and Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, respectively), but apparently having a super powered protagonist is enough to make people turn off their critical thinking. Prototype is a game where the story and scenery is just a vehicle between bloody massacres, Infamous is about a guy who climbs handhold to handhold running from cover to cover while possessing the lightning gun from UT2k4 and jamming hamfisted attempts at morality down your throat. They really only bear an incredibly superficial resemblance at best.

That said, Prototype is a very fun game with a good chunk of replay value. You’re given a wide array of powers and told to do with them what you will, the plot will be waiting over here if you need it. Half the fun is grabbing and eating some old guy, running up the nearest 200 story building in his body and doing a 200 story elbow drop into his grieving widow below, killing dozens from the shock of the impact. Hell, just taking a calm stroll down the street can be greatly entertaining.

Or then there’s the great sport of finding the most spectacular ways to combine a civilian and the blades of a helicopter:

Prototype isn’t for people who need to be told they’re having fun. It’s a game for people who actually like their open worlds to be, well, open. 90% of the plot is from optional events, but that doesn’t stop you from running around Manhattan at 260 mph doing whatever the fuck you want.

deathstryke’s pretty much on the spot. inFamous is a good game, but its not an action game as much as Prototype. The focus is completely different. Playing Prototype is is like constantly being in Ninja Gaiden 2’s Trials of Valor. The youtube video stryke linked gives a pretty good approximation of how the world is coming to an end in Prototype. I found it was pretty well done. Everything is exploding around you constantly and everyone and their mother is trying to kill you. Quite literally if you know what I’m referring to in the game.

Oh man do I ever heard this. Even worse is how they can just spawn about 30 of these super-soldiers at the same time and swarm your ass L4D-style. Still though, the final power unlocked more than makes up for this with its sheer awesomeness. :smiley:

As for Prototype, I’ll be picking it up if I can find it cheap (sub-£30) given I still have Ghostbusters to go through… not to mention several other titles from last year.

The worst about the optional take over the streets missions is that just about every enemy type seems to become nearly extinct, so the game suggests you complete stunts and trophies, but there seem to be no enemies to tackle. Also, one more blast shard left. >:(

Oh hai Ben, didn’t see you there.

Prototype’s really fun, but the plot and story are insultingly stupid… But at least no one’s claiming that the plot is supposed to be good.


Damn, this looks like a lot of fun to play. I really need to work on getting a 360 sometime…

check out 3:30

sounds a bit familiar…

Wow, didn’t realize I’d ripped the example that hard. I’d actually done such a thing well before yahtzee posted that, though.

Personally, I’m a bigger fan of