Prom: to go or not to go?


Well on the one hand, it’s not like she’s the only girl you’ll ever get a chance with, but on the other, a prom only happens once. So hey, do whatever you want, I don’t care.


What is this “pu-rhom” you speak of?

I didn’t even bother to read any posts besides the very first one in here.

Here’s what you should do: ask the cute girl to the prom ASAP or she’ll get asked by someone else, and then go to the fucking prom.

All your other options are lame and suck. And they’re not what you really want to do anyway.

I’d take it, I’ve even had Dancing lessons at Blackpool tower. I’m still waiting for photos’.


Ask the bitch you moron.

“You haven’t been around women for a long time, have you?”

“Are you asking me out?”

Normally, I’d say that it would be a waste of time to go. However, if a cute girl is involved, that changes everything. If she’s the sort that puts stock in events like this, go with her and try to act like you care. If not, then maybe you could invite her to a different venue.

Since we don’t have proms in Norway, I don’t know what they’re about or what you do at them, but you go and get laid. That being more than likely the reason why you’re reconsidering in the first place.

Lol. Hades. Laid.

I went to both proms, and I didn’t get any afterwords, so the prom is the gh3y

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Do it. (I wasn’t 18 back then, so I skipped the drinking part. But the dance part was fun enough!)

Yeah you should go.
I went to mine in April and I got to take my best friend, who happened to be Prom Queen last year…score…
afterwards we went to our school gym and rode mechanical bulls and played Dance Dance Revolution until we threw up.
And I won a mini-fridge.

If you have friends going and if you can go with this girl, you may as well go. Prom is fun when you get to hang out with your friends and watch them piss off the waiter wherever you go to eat.

Seniors I know say their’s was really fun. So I’d say go. With or without a date, It’s probably going to be fun.

There is absolutely no question here. Go now or forever wonder.

What’s funny is that you of all people posted this.

Go. It can be fun, if you try to enjoy it. And even if it’s not, one night’s torment will save you a lifetime of coming up with creative answers to, “How was <i>your</i> prom?”

Lol. Urkani. Funny.

Personally, I would say you ask the girl to do something else, rather than prom. Then again, I’m cheap as fuck, doublt I’d like most of songs they played, and would hate most of my class unless I skipped a grade or so (most of the sophmores and juniors at my school are chill, but the freshmen are a large group of irritating assholes).
Then again, asking a girl you don’t know that well to Prom is probably a safe date, in that she won’t find it all that creepy. After you get there though, complain about not being able to hear her talk with the noise, so you should go outside. When outside, go all romantic and shit. Then say you’d rather talk in peace than with these other people around. Go somewhere ‘peaceful,’ and get yourself laid. It worked for me, and if you’re less smoothe with women than me, then you’re never getting laid. Then again, that girl was really slutty. Also, wasn’t prom. Just a dance.