Prom: to go or not to go?

I wasn’t originally planning to, but then this really cute girl I know asked if I was going, and looked really disappointed when I said “probably not.” So naturally I’m all like, “Mike, you fuckhead! She wanted you to ask her! You gotta go, man!” only not out loud.

I’m still not sure what she was thinking, but regardless, it got me thinking about going, with or without her.

What do all you RPG supernerds think about prom?

Personally, I hate prom.
Mostly because it’s just an expensive versoin of a regular dance at my school.
I say ask her to go with you, dude. If you wanna rent a tux and spend all that money and you think it’s worth it, do it.

Man, I’d rent a tux simply so I could wear it for a regular day, if I shat gold :stuck_out_tongue: I think it’d be worth it for prom. You know how deprived I am of female attention.

I’m not one for proms either. I’d rather not stand around and groove to the songs of yore while celebrating all of my classmates and graduation. I mean, I am just so adult like that. I can see the point of having fun, but when you personally detest the class of 2005, the general concensus is that you stay home :stuck_out_tongue: But you should go, Michael, and then you can come home to us afterwards and tell us all about the hot chicks that you sat across the table from.

don’t go you’ll get cancer!

I didn’t go to my prom. I went to the graduation ceremony, which was horribly boring. After that, I met up with some friends and I drank a six pack of colt 45, which is essentially 8% beer, but it’s really bad, I think it’s even considered malt liquor or something. Whatever, anyways, I ended up getting completely wasted, and I also ended up breaking my headphones.

If you want to go, you should go. Cause it is kind of a once in a lifetime experience, and if you can get a chick to go with you (which I’m sure you would be able to, you’re a cool guy), then go and have fun.

I’d say go. I’ve been to prom 3 times so far (junior, senior, then senior again), and its pretty wicked. I usually don’t go to dances, because i’m kind of shy, but its really fun. Even if you don’t like dancing (what? no arrows? how the fuck do i dance without arrows?), there’s other stuff to do. You’re nervous in the beginning, but you’ll end up having a fun time.

Plus, whoever you take will be all over you afterward. Seriously. :smiley:

That was my thinking, basically. Only I ended up taking a weekend trip to Cali instead.

It’s really more worthwhile if you can make it an all-day event, like go to some restaurant with a group of friends before the dance, and then do something fun after the dance, like bowling. Nothing is cooler than bowling in a tux or a $200 dress.

From my experience (I went to prom during my sophomore and junior years), the dance itself is silly and boring, and the best part is just hanging out with your friends and making fun of the decorations, or debating whether the punch is spiked, and if so, who did it.

But yeah. If this chick wants you to go with her, then go for it. Is she hot? Pix plz.

I went to my senior prom mostly because I hadn’t gone to anything else in high school. I decided I should do at least that one little thing, and I had fun. A good friend was even elected Prom Queen, so that was good to see.

I’m going because unlike anyone else here, it seems that I do enjoy a lot of people in my class.

(also, my date is hot.)

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but so is dieing.

I don’t know or care. I probably won’t go to mine, but you never know. I guess.

I love a decisive man!

So do I as of lately.

edit: Oh yeah. Hades… you’re an idiot. Go talk to her. Now.

Man, you’ve changed. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hades go fucking ask her to prom before she gets another date you tard.

Dude, go. But don’t if you arleady have the “it’s gonna be boring” thought stuck in your head. I went to my high school and university proms unaccompanied. Man, I’m such a big loser. :stuck_out_tongue: The latter was infinitely more enjoyable due to the cool people there. But at least, going without a date allows you to ask whoever you want to dance with (if you like it). If you don’t know your date much prior to the prom, it can become a hassle to take care of them all evening if they end up being boring and/or uninteresting. It happens, but it doesn’t mean it’ll be the case for you. :stuck_out_tongue:


Prom is expensive, but I think it’s worth it, and I’ve only gone to junior. I think senior’d be cooler. 'sides, how often do you get to wear a tux and ride in a limo?

Hades, I have two years left. TWO. I have plenty of time to change.