Project Ytarria

I’m using RPG Maker in my free time to see what I can get. My first project, as a learner, is a typical Fantasy style adventure set in the world of Ytarria, from GURPS Fantasy, with a tip of anime on it. I’m using RPG Maker’s raw RTP to get things going, but when I finish it I’ll change the character, battle character and chip sets, probably the facesets and backdrops along too.

I still need a plot, though. I’m thinking about using those ‘adventure suggestions’ that apear every 5 pages or so in GURPS Fantasy (cursed gold, rescue the child of the noble, destroy the vamp baron etc), but I still have to connect one thing to the others in a non-baldur style. Any help is welcome.

The reason I’m posting this is to see what you guys think of what I’ve been doing so far. I don’t know what I should show first, my guess is that a map and a battle screen should be good.

I distorted some parts a little and Cardiel a lot, but I’m fixing this later. I consider this map 30% done. I’m still going to add the rest of the islands and the main cities. The center-southern and northeastern areas are kinda empty, I’m filling them right now. I’ll also remake the chipset for a smoother line and more varied land types next week.


I have 5 heroes ready, but it only supports 4 in the group at a time :too bad;

Up to now, I have only made a few weapons and potions, created some monster parties and techniques, assembled some animations for techs and hits and downloaded lots of resources. I’ll start scripting after I’ve done the first city, Megalos.