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Wings of Hope Saga

Part 1 - Birth of an Angel (Under Development)

Part 2 - Quote Wars (70% Done)

Part 3 - When Heroes Go Mad (45% Done)

Part 4 - Final Dawn (Under Development)

Part 5 - Golden Heaven (Under Development)

Ragnarok Force Saga

Part 1 - Luminatis (Under Development)

Part 2 - Guardian of the Multiverse (Under Development)

Part 3 - The Burning Shadow (Under Development)

Part 4 - Twilight Dawn (Under Development)

Part 5 - Radiant Heart (Under Development)

The War of Final Darkness (Under Development)

I think people will be able to make more sense out of this when they get to see your stories, Manus. As for now that’s just words and numbers. How about you post a bit of “When Heroes…”?

Well, I was hoping to keep it secret until it was done, but I guess I can show a sneak preview… Do you suggest any part in particular?

Lesse… :o How about the discussion about clothes and hairstyles? chuckles evilly

You mean… Mint, Arche, Lise’s hairdo, everyone thinking about weird combinations? evil grin Mwahahaha! Good one! I’m writing Chapter 8 right now, but I’ll set up a sneak preview soon!

Yup, that’s the one :o Kevin is so cute when he gets nervous :slight_smile:

OK, here it is! A small part of Chapter 6. This is just a small sample of the crazy scenes within…


“But that weasel-face Chester can be such a jerk! He’s so busy arround that damn porn he never pays any attention to me!”

“I would suggest a different approach. Try impressing him.”

Then, Ryu, Mega Man, Mint and Arche stared at Magus as if he had just said something weird, and he was very embarassed.


Mega Man:
“Well, Magus, I never expected you to be giving that kind of tips… hehehe!”

Lise and Kevin were standing next to them and decided to join the conversation.

“Don’t worry, Arche. We’re going to help you make a few adjustments that will knock Chester off his feet!”


“What’s so funny?”

“Nothing… hehehehehe!”

“Kevin… what are you up to?”

“Me just thinking how Arche look with hairdo like yours…”

Then, everyone else started thinking about the same thing, and they all started laughing. Lise blushed and stared at Kevin.

“Are you saying there’s something wrong with my hairdo?”

“Huh? No,no,no,no,no. What gave you that idea?”

“I wonder how you’d look with this kind of hairdo…”

“The horror! THE HORROR!”

“How do you think Kevin would look with a little ponytail? Hehehehehe…”

“Me no like where this conversation going…”

“By the way, Magus, I just remembered. Those creatures at the Sky Ruins were nothing more than statues. Maybe you should get
a pair of glasses.”

Then everyone started thinking how Magus would look with glasses, and soon they were rolling on the floor, laughing like mad.

“And how would Hawk look in a tutu?”

Hawk almost choked just by thinking about it. After a few seconds, the darted an answer.

“And how’d you look with a pink apron and wearing a towel on your head?”

Everyone started banging their fists on the floor, laughing until they couldn’t breathe properly.

“And what if Sabin was to wear a full ballet dress?”

Everyone started suffering uncontrolable spasms as they laughed away. Sabin found the thought repugnant and devised a

diabolic reply.

"And how would Setzer look dressed as Count Dracula, with fake blood dripping from his mouth and weird huge fish-like eyes,

posing for a camera with his hair dripping gel, his tongue hanging and a huge hole in his pants, or better yet, with a

gorilla mask and that horrible brown coat he wears on special ocasions, full of moth balls and with weird stains all over,

complete with a red ribbon saying ‘Mr. Armageddon Suit Infinity’?"

That was too much. Everyone rolled around, laughing to the point of no return. Havoc started banging his head on the

lightpost and screaming.

“MEDIC! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! Soldier down! Hahahahahaha!”

Samus burst into hysterical laughter as the crazy combos went on and on.


laughing to hard to talk

…:o :slight_smile:

Okay… I can talk now. hold it…:slight_smile:
Now I’m done.

Very funny, can’t wait til I can read the full thing.:cool:

I’m glad you like it!

:hyperven: I wanna read the full things! :frowning: Just tell me when and where to find them, 'k Manus?

Don’t worry!

Post your opinion, everyone! I will likely make another sneak preview if you wish so.

Maybe I’ll post another sneak preview soon, judging by the rate at which I’ve been writing.:slight_smile: The next chapter is almost done… but I still have a long way to go until this is finished!
After this fic is complete, I think I’m going to start writing Luminatis.

Sounds good to me :slight_smile:

By the way, I suppose that you have already noticed some of the peculiar family names in When Heroes Go Mad, right, Weiila? Well, in the next update, you’ll find out the reason for the odd choice.

GAH! MANUS, YOU…YOU DOUBLE-POSTER! BLASPHEMER! Goes into convulsions, then gets up calmly and dusts herself off Ahem…oh wait, I need to make this post have a reason, huh? Umm…OK then…uhh…I like your work. :slight_smile: runs away

And this is just the beginning! Glad you like it!

Should I be scared? :slight_smile:

You should get ready to laugh, as the heroes almost go bananas and the girls devise a few plans of their own… Mwahahahaha!

Can’t wait Manus sir! :smiley:

Please, no formalities… I’m feeling a bit… embarassed.:slight_smile: