Programmer or killer?

Can you spot the difference?

I got 9 out of 10.

Hie-larious. XD

10 out of 10

“[my] liver is safe”

I got 7/10.

9 out of 10

Missed the first one :frowning:

9/10. All were guesses except son of sam

7/10. Not bad.




9/10. Nice one :stuck_out_tongue:



6/10 all guesses.

8 out of ten…let’s you know that you can’t judge people by their looks :stuck_out_tongue: and that’s some crazy digusting shit a few of them did…


I had no clue who any of those people where.

7/10, all guesses.

You can’t tell the difference. My belief is that they all were programmers, and then snapped as their programming didn’t work. We should kill them before they kill us.

Where is Wertigon?

7/10, mostly guesses.

8/10… Almost had 10/10 but confused two. :stuck_out_tongue:

I recognized the american serial killers, so if it was someone I didn’t recognize, I guessed they were a programmer. I missed a few, and missed that russian hannibal lecter guy. I got 7/10.